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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
 Welcome to Arena Blaze
 October 26, 2014

Training Day - Begin your Dominatrix journey Here

Scenes to PlayAll good pets have to be trained, right? Well today is training day for your man-pet. This is obedience school, and you’re the teacher!

This is a great scene for beginning doms and is a great way to teach your man his place. It’s also a good idea to repeat this scene on a regular basis, so no one forgets who the alpha dog is.

Sit! Stay! Good boy!

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Scene: First Time Flogging - How to Whip your man
Scenes to PlaySo, you bought yourself a sweet leather flogger. This is my all time favorite whipping toy, for my favorite whipping boy! Some of you lack confidence about how to use the thing, or you are worried that you might actually *hurt* him.

Well, have no fear my dears, for I have some tips to get you fired up about flogging! Blaze helped me write up this scene for you first-time floggers, who need some experience at giving a licking while keeping him ticking!

This scene should help you get over your fear of hurting him (SO over it), AND give you the confidence needed to really wail on his ass. I will teach you how to whip a man and really enjoy doing it.

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Sexy Elixirs
Scenes to PlayMy Mistress usually has me make a ‘slave elixir’ and a ‘Mistress Cock-tail’ to get our sessions started. It has become part of Her ritual and the idea is so neat to me. It’s like I’m going under Her spell when I drink it. We have very pretty, dedicated glasses we use only for this special sexy occasion. The slave tonic is a little bit kin to a LIT but it does have a ‘secret aphrodisiac’ ingredient. It is strong and helps me with being able to physically and mentally serve and service my smokin hot Lady. My Mistress tells me what to put in it and how much and, I guess it’s through conditioning that my cock actually begins getting stiff while I’m making it!
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Dominant/submissive Shower Scene play
Scenes to PlayThere is nothing quite as satisfying as the perfect resonating sound of your bare hand forcefully meeting his soapy, dripping wet ass in the shower. Try this scene and feel dirty while you are getting clean.
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Scene: Role Play - Yes My Queen!
Scenes to PlayMy slave-J and I are big movie fanatics, and we both enjoy a little role playing from time to time...well...I enjoy it. And J just does it because I tell him to. Anyway - we're bringing you some movie inspired role-playing suggestions, and giving you the tools you need to make your pet squirm! Whether you want to be the queen, the business woman, the teacher, or the lusty concubine I think you'll find something in these scenes to spark your imagination, and make having your way with your plaything even more exciting!

This Scene -- A Spartan warrior needs his Queen's permission to send his troops into battle.

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Scene to Play: Upholstery
Scenes to PlayYou better get comfortable...
Every girl needs a little break. This month, we'll be remodeling your home - and your sub's attitude - with a little "table training".
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Scene: More Than He Can Handle
Scenes to Play"Look at the mess you made!"

This scene is all about feeding your sub's sexual appetite, and then punishing him for enjoying it. Be ready to give your sub a little attention, all the while making sure he stays in his place.

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