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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 24, 2014

Exhibitionist Dom Controls Two Voyeur Subs
Reader Fiction At least once a year I enjoy a four day, summertime trip into the city. Because the accommodations must meet some very specific requirements, My submissive makes reservations well in advance.

The demands are very clear. It must be a two bathroom suite, with at least one king sized bed, a refrigerator, stove, and microwave. The room should be above the 15th floor, and have large windows over looking a park and busy office building. The park is beautiful, the office building interesting, and an inspiration for play.

Over the years I've peered across the way and found many a man spending hours working at his desk. Occasionally I'll find an attractive one. How do I know he's appealing? My sub, packing high powered binoculars, has the job of inspecting his Mistress' prey and describing him to Her. It's a task he's had before. Sometimes it's up close and personal, in a lounge, club, or on the beach. Other times he has to dial a little long distance.

It begins simply enough. If I spy someone that interests Me, he's instructed to undress completely, take a look, from a darkened adjoining room and provide some details. he knows what I'm looking for. Tall, fit, good looking, neatly dressed, 35-55 years of age. A couple of times I've struck gold.
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One word...
Reader FictionDo you know what it's like to be afraid of the one who brings you to levels of unbridled ecstasy beyond the reaches of the imagination? Imagine, for a moment, you return to the home you've made with your lover, your master. You've been gone much of the day, and the sun is nearing the horizon as you walk through the door of your well kept home. It's not elaborately decorated by any means, quite sparse to be honest, virtually cold if not for the soft music in the background, a mixture of heavenly violin with melancholic piano, an angelic whisper singing sweetly along to the hum of the piano.
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Smoking Domination
Reader FictionI don't smoke and never have but I've had these insanely erotic fantasies, to me anyway, of being dominated by a woman who smoked. There are many such manifestations of these fantasies for me. Here is one for your thoughts and consideration...

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The Day She Dressed Me
Reader FictionThis is posted in the reader fiction but it's an experience that actually happened to me....

I dated a woman some time ago that tapped into something that drove me nuts. For this story I'll call her Sarah. One day, while we were having sex, she reached for a lipstick and put it on. Then she teased me with it. I came instantly when she touched it to my lips and she knew I was open to more. We talked about it through the weekend and each time we did my erection told her I was all in. She said she wanted to dress me as a woman and have sex with me. I wasn't about to argue with her.

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My Pleasure, His Punishment: Controlling My Own Orgasm
Reader Fiction There he was. My slave, naked, shackled hands over his head, begging forgiveness and pleading to release. his bottom was deep red from the feel of My crop. his throbbing penis, became My next target. I placed clothes pins on his ball sack and then began running the tip of My switch up and down the underside of his fully erect dick. The tease was swiftly followed by quick, sharp, stinging, taps finding their mark on My submissive's testicles and cock. his increasingly desperate and pathetic pleas for permission to cum moved Me not at all.
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Reader FictionMy favorite Bitch goes to the showers. I follow and begin to pound on the door.

He opens the door, “Yes Mistress? He questions with a smile.

I push him backwards and step in. I lock the door behind me. He is glistening with wetness from the shower as his rock hard cock juts out in front of him.

“Who does your body belong to?” I snarl.

“My body belongs to you Mistress.”

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No Longer Vanilla
Reader FictionI had my bag of trix… He asked for me to dominate the situation yet we were both entering uncharted waters. For over 3 years of our relationship we shared subtle fantasies, but never expected to have the adventure we dreamed about. How would he receive the scene I prepared? I spent days mentally preparing myself, I could do this and I could do it well. The time had arrived, no backing out now. We checked into the hotel. I ordered him to take off all his clothes and kneel in front of me. I lit some candles, vanilla. I smiled knowing nothing would ever be vanilla for us again…
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From Boyfriend to Sub
Reader FictionMy girlfriend and I have been together for some time now. When we first met, she let me ride her, and even enact some of my more extreme fantasies on her. Over time, though, she started to change-in a good way. It was very subtle, but my girlfriend was becoming more dominant.

I suppose it began in the second year of our relationship. We were lying together in bed, when suddenly she jumped on me and started *censored*ing me. Of course, by the end I was on top and she was subject to my demands, but it was clear she had started the sex when she wanted to. it built up from there, and within a few months, she wouldn't let me ride her, unless she gave express permission. I didn't complain, as it was extremely pleasurable and I found I enjoyed the feeling of being under a woman.
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Silent Seduction
Reader Fiction(I wrote this for my mistress and while I'm sure its rather tame as most stories go I'm posting this at her request, and as a good pet I am complying with my Mistresses wishes. I hope you enjoy it none the less.)

I come home from work and enter the house. You are nowhere to be seen, I call your name and you appear from around a corner wearing a great big smile, one of my dress shirts buttoned up to just below your bra your breasts visible, a mini skirt that barely covers your ass and thigh high lace up boots. Your stop and spin around so that I can get a good look at you, my mouth hung open in disbelief at the sight In front of me. You start toward me again with an exaggerated wiggle in your hips, trailing your hand along the wall again you say nothing, you just smile. You walk up to me and stand inches away from my face you move in to kiss me but stop short of my lips and just kind of tease me.
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Stay - (Reader Fiction)
Reader FictionI'm pulling into my garage soaking wet from the rain. I know I should've grabbed my umbrella before leaving to go to my lover's house.

Turning off the car, I realized the engine was keeping my throbbing pussy calm. I wish I could go back over to my girl sub Susan's house so I could allow her to finish licking my pussy.
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Age of Exploration-Phase II
Reader FictionUpon returning from our vacation, We/we settled back to where we'd been before, with one exception. I answered well written ads from men who wanted to be dominated on line. Occasionally I'd find genuine, articulate, attractive men who enjoyed having a Goddess (their term) control how and when they came. The Mistress would absolutely insist on abstinence until Her slave pleaded to release. Then, Mistress might send a provocative, but tasteful photo, with long, blond hair covering Her face. The more power they gave Me, the more I demanded from them. I had a good looking, 40 year old man, pulling off the road during a long, congested commute so he could protect expensive suit pants from being ruined by semen he needed to release. another was downloading a picture on an international flight when I gave him permission to cum. The slave made his way to the bathroom, donned a condom, returned to his seat, and opened his laptop, which was covering his hands. While viewing the photo, My sub stroked himself until he came.
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The Age of Exploration-Phase I
Reader FictionI guess it started innocently enough, in the form of role playing. I was in My late thirties. My lover and I would engage in different, provocative, harmless, scenarios. he liked Me as a Dom and We/we had some fun with it. As time went on, he encouraged Me to take My outfit and attitude out of the house. It began predictably with house parties. Next, came All Hallows Eve dance club celebrations. The dresses became shorter, the boots taller, and the tops skimpier. I began to add props such as steel handcuffs, a riding crop, dog collar, and shackles. My Mistress "costume" received greater attention with each appearance. The lover enjoyed it, and, frankly, so did I. Having men, completely unknown to Me, pay homage was becoming interesting and sometimes exciting.

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