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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
 Welcome to Arena Blaze
 October 21, 2014

Being Useful
Look the Part2002 - submissives hosting a dom dinner.

the Quality of the function was only as good as the quality of the resources. I'm sad to say, money would have made this better. But unlike most dining experiences, there was more than a one-to-one ratio of helpers, vs guests. Each guest had a slave who brought them food, and helped with other requests, I was a slutty sub who got to pander to all guests, serving them drinks and more.

Though I'm often in my french maid outfit, this night all of us subs & slaves were reduced further by wearing the same garb: 2 meters of cheap fabric draped over us, with a hole in the middle, with a piece of rope for a belt. To say simply, only some of us could really pull it off. and they say the clothes make the.. ahem..

I'm not much for styles, but I've kept that piece of fabric in a special place for a long time.

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Cross Dresser Clothing
Look the PartIt seems as though a few readers are interested in cross dresser clothing. I can think of two situations for the interest in this regarding this site. The first is that assume that some Dommes may want to dress up their boy-toys as women for their own amusement, or perhaps as as reward for servants who adore crossdressing. The second is that there are crossdressing men who want to dress as the Domme and of course, play the part.
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"The Outfit"
Look the PartMy latest purchase. Gawd I can't wait to whip some ass in my fine new leathers.... ;-) The corset is lovely because its laces up the back so it *always* fits just right.
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Apparel Starters for Plus Size Dommes
Look the PartI do not feel sexy and it is because I am a very short, large woman, but my man loves me the way I am, and he thinks I'm sexy. The problem is that I need to feel it too in order to be that confident Domme he wants to experience. I have looked around on your site at the clothing section and saw many things that I would love to wear, but I want to look my best and at the moment have little to spend. My man loves the fishnet stockings, body stocking and black latex/patent and also leather. I love the Goth look and feel of some clothing, but I really want to hide my belly as much as possible and still get a good look going. Can you suggest some of the clothing items to begin with until I have managed to lose a little more weight please?
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Leather Dominatrix Outfit
Look the PartLooking for a leather dominatrix outfit? You may be browsing for the real deal, or just looking for more of a costume for some fantasy play or Halloween. In any case, you want to look hot in your leather outfit and exude the power of the dominatrix that you are. Embrace that inner bitch, and wrap her in leather.
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OMG Shoes: Dominatrix Shoes
Look the PartLet's get some shoes, Betch!

I mean, seriously, no Diva can totally dominate someone without some amazing shoes. Dominatrix shoes.

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Always Black?
Look the PartQuestion from a reader:

Dear Mistress Blaze,
I have been looking at Dominatrix wear online, and it all seems to be black, black, black, with the occasional hints of red. Does Domme-wear *have* to be black?
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Creative Pet Dressing
Look the PartCreative pet dressing .... and I'm not talking about gravy. ...although "Stove Top" tends to conjure up a few amusing images. Here are some different ideas...
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Plus Size Dominatrix
Look the PartNot everyone is a skinny bitch like the dommes portrayed on tv and movies. Most of us are real women. Big Beautiful Women. Women who don't deprive themselves in order to fit society's vision of what we should be.
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Vinyl Dominatrix Outfit
Look the PartTips for wearing vinyl....
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Eye Makeup For Divas
Look the PartYou do not want to be the same old you when you are in Domme mode, so why wear the same old makeup? Step out of your comfort zone and be who you really want to be. Forget about being conservative with your makeup. It's time to release your inner-bitch.
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Embrace Your Inner Bitch - with a T-shirt
Look the PartA selection of fun t-shirts to show your naughty side, or to dress your boy toy.
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