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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 25, 2014

Bull Whip - There's An App for That
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewA virtual whip. Amuse yourself with this app, until you're able to get full training on using a real whip! I was completely tickled by this app and have found great use for it as a "warning signal" when my little doggie is starting to stray from good behavior. Since he's had a taste of the real thing, just the mere sound of my little pocket whip brings back memories of pain and obedience. Best part is that it's free. Download it here: Pocket Whip
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Heart Spanker Paddle for your Valentine
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewShow him how much you REALLY care by imprinting his ass with little hearts during your next paddling session. It's the Elegant Moments leather paddle with hearts.
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Coupon Codes for Toy shopping
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewUse the coupon codes below at Eden Fantasys!

Coupon Code: LINGERIE15
Title: 15% OFF Sexy Lingerie. Apply Coupon Code LINGERIE15 during Checkout. NO minimum Required! + FREE Shipping on Orders of $35+
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Coupon Code: VIBES
Title: 15% Off All Vibrators at EdenFantasys! Use The VIBES Coupon Code during Checkout!
Start Date: 06/28/2012
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Coupon Code: DILDO15
Title: 15% OFF Any Dildo at EdenFantasys! Use The DILDO15 Coupon Code during Checkout!
Start Date: 06/28/2012
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All out of Boy Toys - Never!
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewWhat a tragedy this would be! Clearly they are not looking hard enough, or perhaps I have collected them all?
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Bondage Tape
Bondage Buzz-Toy Review...and, no, I'm not talking about an old VHS of "Bondage Boys 7"!

I'm talking about one of the coolest sex aides I've ever come across.

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My Favorite Whipping Toy
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewThis is a product review of my favorite smacking device. It happens to be my sweet leather flogger. It may sound too harsh for someone who is only a beginner, but trust me, for maximum smacking effect, with minimum pain, this is definitely the way to go.
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Paddle Play
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewThere are so many paddles to choose from, how do you decide? And who says you can only have one? The only rules are yours. Start a collection if you want. Only question now is where do we start?
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No Bed Posts? No Problem!
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewHere's an answer to the problem of where to tie your pet when you don't have any bed posts. These straps will fit any bed!
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Sporty Cuffs
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewWhen your plaything develops a mind of his own, these cuffs will teach him to keep his hands to himself!
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