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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
 Welcome to Arena Blaze
 October 24, 2014

Follow Blaze on Twitter -- Feed Your Inner Bitch
General News Dominatrix tips and quips that will even inspire regular people to explore their inner Domme.

Mistress Blaze finally got a Twitter account. I'm always telling her that her funny retorts would make great tweets, and she is finally on board. But she isn't going to use it much if you bitches don't get over there and follow her! If you prefer to call it "stalking", that's ok too!

Obedient subs are also welcome to follow our Twitter feed, but don't expect any attention boys. You'll have to earn it, or have permission from your Mistress.

Here's the link:

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We Want Reader Fiction!
General NewsYou may have noticed a new topic that has been added to the website called "Reader Fiction"! We are looking for your sensual stories, and your titillating fantasies! Erotic fiction can be very inspirational, and that's what the Divas come here for -- inspiration!

And of course, please make sure you only submit original material, not copied from any other websites. I know you Ladies have some fun fantasies, so let's read it! Please contribute your stories. Here's how to Join and Contribute!

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Less Censored than Before
General NewsBlaze has brought it to my attention that there are a few choice words that the website software has a tenancy to automatically censor. These are not "bad" words, although you probably don't want your kids saying them. I have fixed the software so that we can now use the words "cock", "pussy" and "clit". How marvelous for us! (yes, I wrote them here mostly to test it!)
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Website Feed
General NewsWe have added a site feed! I've been experimenting with it, and it seems to be working very well so far. If you use a feed reader, or equivalent -- such as the "simply rss" application on Facebook or other personalized home page, then you can add the feed. It will post notices to your page when there are new articles at Arena Blaze!

The feed is: (produced from this site at

Add the feed to your personalized pages such as iGoogle or MyYahoo, or MyAOL Facebook page - use the "simply rss" application to add our feed to your page.

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Terms of Use
General NewsBy using this website, you agree to the terms outlined on this page. This website is for reading and entertainment purposes ONLY. We reserve the right to change or adapt these Terms of Use at any time.
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Safety First - Domination/submission Safety Tips
General NewsAn Introduction To The Safer Points Of Domination
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Link To Our Site!
Link to and we will exchange the favor! Please see linking instructions here .

About Us

Being a Dominatrix should always be about creating a fun, safe environment for exploring your passions and fantasies. At we make every effort to provide that comfort to our visitors.

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Website Privacy Policy has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. Because your privacy is important, we will not sell, rent, trade or use your personal information except as outlined in this privacy statement. We reserve the right to change or adapt this privacy statement and terms of use at any time.
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