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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 24, 2014

School girl with dominant twist
Reader Q & AMy boyfriend and I enjoy a healthy sub/Dom sex life and he's recently said he wants me to dress as a school girl, which I love! Just want any ideas on how to do this with a dominant twist... Not sure the innocent thong will work with him... Any role play/scenarios welcome.
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Music to Her Ears AND More!
Reader FictionMy wife /Goddess and I have been together for 12 years. Very quickly, into our relationship it was obvious to both of us that SHE ruled the roost AND enjoyed it as did I.

She is 5' 8" as am I but when she has her heels on she can be 6'--to 6' 2". She loves lingerie , hosiery , shoes and boots and has a strong exhibitionist streak and also loves flirting.
One of the "fun' games that I suggested, was that on my birthday, for instance, the present she got for 'me' would ACTUALLY be for HER although I would also get enjoyment from it. eg on my birthday in May, 'my' present was a pair of Louboutin boots for HER. You get the picture.
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Any Advice on Dominating a Couple?
Reader Q & AHello,
I am a pretty secretive Dom. I pick my pets carefully. I was at a bar a few weeks ago and a couple approached me and casually asked me back to their place. So I got to thinking "what could I do with a pair of submissives?" twice the fun! They don't know my dirty little secret yet......... hmmm any ideas?
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5 Steps to Become a Dominatrix
The Art of AuthorityDo you want to be a dominatrix? Either as a lifestyle with your partner, or even just occasionally for fantasy and fun. Basically, you want to have your man crawling along like the pet that he is. You want to show him who’s boss? Perhaps your husband or partner would like to be dominated by you, but you just don't know where to begin? If you want to make his fantasies (and yours) come true by making him the object of your possession, then, you have come to the right place! So, where to begin?
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The Queen Trains Her Bee-otch ~ Part 3 ~ Training ~
Reader FictionThe Queen Trains Her Bee-otch

Part 3 ~ Training ~

The knock on the door came at 8:46 AM. I glanced over my shoulder at him gave a tiny smile and said "You're Late." "I'm sorry" he replied. I sighed and pointed to the center of the room. "You can stand over there. I'll be right with you" I said. Then I went back to reading my book. The long hair did a good job of hiding my face so I couldn't see my bee, but I knew he had to be looking at all of the items that I'd put on display and I was sure that he was also enjoying the eye candy that was me stretched out on the bed. I waited for what seemed like an eternity before I snapped the book shut and swung my legs over to the side of the bed to stand. I slowly walked over to him watching his face as he watched me, feeling confident that I'd brought the goddess of his fantasies to life.

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The Queen Trains Her Bee-otch ~ Part 2 ~ Setting the Scene ~
Reader FictionThe Queen Trains Her Bee-otch

Part 2 ~ Setting the Scene ~

Training day had finally arrived! My bee had been instructed to arrive promptly at 8:45 AM so I was up very early. I was a bundle of nerves so I added a shot of whiskey to my coffee!

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How Else Can he Serve Me?
Reader Q & AI'm very new at this but thanks to a few books and this website, I'm doing alright. My pet and I live a few hours away from each other. We don't spend a lot of time together. My pet has asked me a few times to think of ways he can feel like he's serving me while we aren't together. I have given one thing. I told him to wear anal beads to bed loosen his butt. That's the only thing I could think of. My question is do you ladies and subs -- Do you have any ideas on what else I can give him to make him feel like he's serving me while we aren't together?

Thanks in advance for asking my question
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Completely new
Reader Q & ADear Mistress Blaze. I'm a newbie here, completely and utterly. I recently entered in to a very casual D/s online relationship. Generally in my relationships I find that I'm more submissive, but this tryst has made me realize how much I love being a Domina.
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OMG Shoes: Dominatrix Shoes
Look the PartLet's get some shoes, Betch!

I mean, seriously, no Diva can totally dominate someone without some amazing shoes. Dominatrix shoes.

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The Queen Trains Her Bee-otch (Part 1)
Reader FictionPart 1 ~ Building The Anticipation ~

The training date was set, but the date was over a month away. Which was good because being a novice in the field of BDSM, I needed time to prepare. I scoured the Arena Blaze website and read all of the erotic literature I could get my hands on. Due to the long-distance nature of my relationship with my "Honey Bee" I had to rely mostly on text messaging to establish my dominance. I sexted with him daily and knowing of his fascination with pretty panties I teased him by sending pics of myself; daily "pantie updates" and I teased him that he would soon have a chance to wear them.
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New and Need advice - Working up courage for Anal Play
Reader Q & AHey there,

My pet and I are pretty new to this... At least I am... He brought the whole idea of dominating him up to me a long ago... but... I really didn't know what to think of it so I let it slide for a bit.

Him being his natural self.. he kept bringing it up over and over again. From what I understand, it's something he's pretty much fantasized about since the beginning of time, so I decided to look into it a bit more seriously a few months ago.

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Slave Training?
Reader Q & AAs a relatively new, totally submissive sex slave, i am wondering if any mistresses and dominatrixes have any suggestions or ideas of how a slave could or should properly prepare for servicing his lovely and sexy mistress. I am not with her nearly as much as i would love to be, and i fantasize about pleasing her constantly. Is there anything at all I can do, besides trying to save myself for her?

Thank you, Mistress Blaze, and any other Goddesses, for your ideas and suggestions.
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