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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 26, 2014

I Tricked my chastized sissy husband!!
Reader Q & AGoing on a year or so, while eating lunch at a posh bar/grill downtown, i met a "lady".. We chatted over a couple cocktails for a few hours.. We exchanged phone numbers and became friends.. Over the first few weeks she learned of my relationship, and i learned of her gender.. I of course am Domme, with my sissy slave/husband, chastised 24/7 (unless i want him unlocked for my pleasure) and daily wearing of lingerie.. lol.. , She is a transsexual, very passable.. she looks like a genetic woman..
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New couple - Worried if We're Pleasing each other
Reader Q & AHi, myself and my Dom(long term girlfriend) have decided to try out the domination scenario and I was wondering how to start, we have one successful night and the rest has been, let's just say nervous!! We both would like to get in on this, as i think she deserves to be worshiped....we have bought everything we need, outfits, restraints for doors, under-bed restraints, whips, handcuffs blindfolds, the lot!! We even set up a room upstairs we could play in, complete with dungeon look!! Also my Dom really wants to make me orgasm as many times a She desires, but i am very worried that i will not be able to perform, which only adds to our worries.

Our problem is we just cannot find the rhythm, we are constantly worried if the other is enjoying it, and we are getting very frustrated, I just want to please my Dom!!!

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated, please please help!!

Yours faithfully
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How to Dominate a Domme? or just Deal with Dommes?
Reader Q & AHow to deal with other dommes?
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Unaware Mistress
Reader Q & ADear Doms and subs,
My wife and I have been married for several years and I am afraid the sexual spark is slipping away. I am a very submissive woman and my wife is very dominant in our relationship, though I am not sure she knows just how much control she has. To an outsider it appears that we have a sub/Dom relationship and I have even been asked if I am a trophy wife. Publicly and privately I serve her, much to my pleasure. In addition to tending to her everyday needs I look after the the house, wash her hair and body (when asked), take care of her nails, massage her after long days, and even sit at her feet (though she has never asked, it just feels natural). However, her dominance does not transfer to our waning sex life. I am not sure if she even knows about the sub/Dom life. I seem to be stuck in sexual denial without her realizing what she is doing to me. How can I get my mistress to pick up her reigns?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions,

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A Tale of Two Slaves
Reader FictionMy Mistress has, not just me for Her slave, but another slave too, and She just loooooves to have us ‘entertain’ Her. She has Her immaculate way of pleasing and disciplining us just enough to keep us willing to do anything for Her, and I do mean anything.
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New Domme / Sub seeks old relationship
Reader Q & AI am a brand new Domme and I've me a well experienced sub. He is doing a wonderful job of telling me about his last relationship. I am afraid that he is trying to get that relationship back with someone else instead of moving on. How can I train both him and myself at the same time?
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(Cheating submissive) Unusal situation - I think
Reader Q & ASo, I am completely new to the D/s relationship. I have a submissive man who SAYS he wants to be dominated by me, but he is still in a relationship with his Mistress. He says he's not happy, not sure if he wants to remain with her, BUT despite the fact that he expresses interest in serving me, he has managed to NOT carry through on various requests I have made of him, over the course of several weeks.
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Wheres the love at? Racial question regarding Submissives
Reader Q & AMy name is Dwayne and i'm a 36yr old African American male that has been interested and fairly involved with the bdsm lifestyle and d/s for about a few years. And what i noticed on both sides of the black and white spectrum is a double standard for black males. Even some of the black males themselves unknowingly discriminate against themselves by viewing this lifestyle as something for weak people if you identify as a sub or its something for "the white man". ...
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Punishment, write Mistress a poem
Reader FictionMistress,
Before I sleep, I think of you
As I awake I think you,
During my day, I think of you
Your authority guides me,
Your control steers me
Your discipline directs me to what I strive to be

Owner of my body, Director of my spirit
I am thankful that I serve you
I hope to honor you in servitude
Submit to you in thought, word and deed
Mold me, transform me into the expression of your desires

I am your property,
I will work so that I may reflect your intentions
Use me, as you see fit, so that I may learn your ways

In gratitude I serve,
In thankfulness I submit
In grace, I accept my punishment

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Getting more from Her man... (Question from a sub)
Reader Q & AAs some of you will notice I am the submissive of Miss_Kitty. I adore her, I serve her, I obey her every whim, but I have a problem.

When I serve Miss_Kitty I am the picture of obedience and willing compliance, but after ejaculation I tend to leave 'Sub Space' and so many of our scenes end at that moment, but with Miss_Kitty embracing her Domme side a little more recently, I wish to serve her further, rather than end the scene with my 'Release'.

My question then is this: What are the best ways to keep a sub in 'Sub Space' after he has achieved physical release, in order that the scene can take some interesting twists and turns which would not have been possible previously?
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I Have Accepted My Place with Her - But I want organsm denial
Reader Q & AI was very athletic in school, football, all state wrestling etc and have worked construction most of my life. i am tall and muscular and not the kind of guy to take much from anyone. However, when it comes to the women in my life, in private or in the right situation, I crave the feeling of being dominated, used and providing pleasure to them without thinking of my own.

I have explained to my wife that I want orgasm denial. That is that I am not allowed to orgasm all the time during sexual encounters.
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A unique situation
Reader Q & ASo I have a unique situation here. I'll fill you in!

My sub actually found me. He kind of opened my eyes to this whole thing.
Now, he lives in another state, not too far, at least 5 or 6 hours. However I have a complete separate life from him. I plan on keeping it that way too. I have a very standard old-fashioned relationship, and sometimes I like to break out and have a man do what I want sometimes.

I'm so new to this though, and what I'm looking for are some good and creative ideas I can use on him. He's pretty much told me he wants to feel used and taken advantage of. However, I am not interested in a sexual relationship. He wants to spoil me with money, give me his passwords to his accounts, but I cant think of anything else I should have access to!

So ANY input would be awesome! I was thinking of maybe making him buy something online to wear? Monitoring his social networking pages? He's still new to this as well. But I need some good ideas! So any input!!?

Thankkkk you <3
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