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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 22, 2014

Need Advice---- To pee or not to pee?
Reader Q & AMy pet wants me to pee on him. I am not just talking sitting on him and peeing -- he wants to be eating me and then have me pee on him. He saw this on a Dominatrix movie and was totally turned on by it. I am new to being a Dominatrix and hew is new to this as well.

We are just now feeling out our boundaries and I am still trying to figure out how to whip him without hurting him and now he wants me to pee on him? Can you give me any advice on how to do this...I am willing to try anything once but just a little embarrassed about doing it.
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Non-Sexual Slave.... Ideas?
Reader Q & AI finally seem to be coming into my own as a dominatrix. I've been at this properly only a few months, having been a slave for many years. I have a slave now- we're bf/gf and treat this very respectfully- and it's a bit tricky for me to navigate. Due to my circumstances, we're not sexual yet.

Looking over some of the things others do, I find most of them are things I have no interest in. I'm not into chasity, or feminising- I won't make him wear women's lingerie. I'm more into bondage, cruelty, humiliation, and disclipline. Nothing too extreme- I know how it feels!- but not much of what I see here.

My question is this: What can I do with my slave that will satisfy me, but doesn't take us into sexual realms? And how can I be sure what we do as mistress/slave will have a minimal effect on us as bf/gf? I haven't really done anything with him yet, because I'm worried that I it might foul up our emotional relationship. Any advice would be so well appreciated, slaves and Dommes alike!
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Should I Even Bother?!
Reader Q & AMy name is Ruby Katharina. This is my story:

I spent my pre-teen (from 9) and teen years as a forced slave in abusive relationships. In case you're asking why so young, it was my stepfather's initial doing. I have been raised as a slave. At 16, I finally walked away from the last abusive relationship I was ever in.

I'm now 20, and found someone I really connect with. His name is Safire, and he knows me very well. Internally- emotionally and spiritually- we connect. I happened upon Arena Blaze one day, and browsed. That's when I decided I'd want to try domination for the pain. In life, I'm a vibrant, dominative person.

Here's my problem: I'm terrified of telling my boyfriend of two years.
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Mistress Mischief
Reader Fiction“Now here’s what you’re going to do, boy. You’re going to get me a glass of Merlot, put on some music - make it Enigma - then go upstairs and bring me your cock-ring, collar and leash. Now be quick about it.”

“Yes Ma’am; gladly,” he replied as I sat and watched him go into the kitchen. My purple panties actually looked pretty good on his nice ass, and I just loved the way the head of his cock stuck out a few inches above the fancy lace top, visibly oozing copious amounts of precum.

“Here’s your wine, Mistress Kim,“ he said as he handed me the crystal balloon. My eyes couldn’t help but follow him as he walked over to the CD player and started the disk, his lean body moving with purpose. Something about that droning beat and echoing chant really does it for me. He was upstairs for only a moment, and then back down with the items I required.

“Alright now slave, turn on the video camera, face it, and give me a little strip-tease. Make it sexy,” I told him.
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How did you get started and why do you think people don't get started at all?
Reader Q & AHello there to all dominant ladies!

It’s really wonderful to know that there are always women who loves domination and who would like to rule their partners from everywhere in the world.

I’d sincerely like to make you all a question – or two questions, actually if that’s ok:
1) How did you find out that you like being dominant? Your first experiences?
2) Why do you think, as dominant, that there are still so few dominant women in the world? (Because of education, fear, social criticism, traditions, patriarchal societies, religion, bad information and stereotypes, etc ? )

I’d really appreciate hearing from you and knowing different points of views. ^^

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Suggestions, please!
Reader Q & AHey readers!

My boyfriend recently told me that he has always wanted to have a woman dominate him. I was somewhat hesitant at first because I enjoy being submissive, but decided to look into it nonetheless. I was completely unsure of what to say or do, but this website has helped me tremendously! There just seems to be one problem...

He enjoys the consequences just as much (if not more) than the pleasure. I feel like I don't really have control because even when I punish him, he likes it and can ultimately decide what HE wants, as opposed to what I want him to want (if that makes sense). Any thoughts on this would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks everyone!
Mistress Torii <3
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Non-Sadistic Domination?
Reader Q & AI have a question for some of you more advanced and experience Dommes.

I really and truly feel complete as a domme. However, I don't get much pleasure out of inflicting pain on other people. I have no real problem with the concept. But it gives me little to no pleasure.

This is leading to two problems;

1. Submissives 'expect' that I will inflict pain.

2. It makes it hard to punish my slaves in anyway that is both meaningful to them and delightful for me.

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Dominator vs Dominatrix
Reader Q & AI am wondering what are your thoughts on the Dominatrix's male counterpart, the Dominator. I have been fulfilling this role for a few subs over the past year, and believe I am getting good at it, to the point where i would like to pursue this as a casual career. I am quite heterosexual but this is not a problem for me.

What I am wondering is how do you feel about male's taking this dominant position over subs as opposed to women? the men I am working with are not gay either, but they prefer me to some of the better equipped Dominatrixes in the area. I'm just wondering if you have encountered many other Dominators, and what your thoughts on the subject are.

respectfully yours, Finbar
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Forced into a cuckold marriage
Reader Q & AIt started out as a normal marriage. I met her at a bar one night, she was with one of my friends. She was so attractive I could not keep my eyes off of her, something my friend noticed but didn't seem to mind. Later in the evening he asked me if I thought his date was hot, a little embarrassed I said yes and apologized for staring at her. He laughed and told me she had been with just about everyone else at the bar and had a reputation as being a total slut so he just wanted to have a good time with her and I was welcome to her after he was done.

I was disappointed that she was like that but later in the evening my friend left with her and when they came back I could tell they had been outside having sex. He got drunk and ignored her after that but she didn't seem to mind as she went outside with another guy. I followed and watched as they went into the back of her SUV. I went up to the window and looked in, she saw me and smiled as he pounded away at her.

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What to do? Need more ideas...
Reader Q & ASo I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am a Dominant, and according to my worthless slave I am extremely good at it.

Now I'm stuck for stuff to do....
I've had him tied and made to worship pussy, smacked, spanked, whipped, made to wear a hood and tell me how much he adores Me; but what now?
I enjoy humiliating my slave and making him feel worthless but I cannot think of any ideas to take this further... to push both of our boundaries.

Do any of you Mistresses/Godesses/Queens have any ideas of how to push these boundaries but still keep it safe, sane and consensual and without taking it out in to public just yet?
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Embracing the "Inner Bitch"
Reader Q & AOk.. Here's my dilemma.

Like many women before me, I was raised with the belief that the male should be dominate. My pet and I have been experimenting with D/s for almost a year now. (On and off because we live in separate states.) So whenever I see him. I try out something.

The last time I saw him, it wasn't so great. We finally tried out a full out scene, and it was a complete and utter fail, despite all the reading and prepping I did. The problem is, I'm just not confident enough. I have always had a low self esteem, and been somewhat overweight, and never comfortable in my body. I've been finding it almost impossible to "embrace my Inner Bitch" like everything I've read has told me to do.
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I am shy but I can feel it!
Reader Q & AMy best friend is wanting to become a Mistress.

I've always found it interesting anyway and we could step into this realm together. So, very recently we have started to research the art of the Female Domme. I'm not sure about her, but this question is about me. So. From what little *I* have absorbed in my quest to understand, I have become even more increasingly intrigued and decided I wanted to do more than just research...

I related to quite a few stories from Mistresses about the little hints that pointed to their inner beauty and power before they realized who they were destined to become. I related but I am so shy! Its not til my blood gets stirred and boiled that I can see "her" inside. Then its as obvious as the nose on my face. I am very glad I have researched this with my friend but I am not sure how to embrace that bitch I see deep down. Maybe this isn't for me since I am unfortunately so shy. However I would really appreciate feedback from you knowledgeable Mistresses and those with experience, since I have total lack of it! Maybe I am not the only one with this problem.
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