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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 22, 2014

My Misbehaved Slave
Reader Q & AMy slave boy doesn't understand that I am the one in control. I make it very obvious and punish him when he is wrong. But yet, he still doesn't quite get the hints and clues. Any tips on how to help him see and understand a little better?
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What to do with down time
Reader Q & ASince becoming a Mistress I often feel like when my slave is home that I should make sure to always have something for him to do or that I should being doing something to him. However, since he is the only one working I feel that he should also get some relaxation time when he gets home.

I feel like he always wants to be humilliated or made to do things. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have no been in the role for very long.
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Less of a dom, more of a dont.
Reader Q & AHi all,

My hubby and I have been married 5 years, and recently we have experimented with cuffs and paddles, and he has told me that he is completely turned on by the idea of me being dominant.

So we try it out (thanks to training day ;) but i just don't feel it, I much prefer our love making when he is dominant and I like to be touched and held, where as when he is tied up, the lack of hands feels weird, but he specifically likes being tied.

When I do act the mistress, I feel awkward, like is everything I am doing turning him on? There is just not as much pleasure for me when he is being dominated, he on the other hand loves it.

Its getting to the stage that I'm trying to avoid sex, because I know he wants me to dominate and I just dont enjoy it like that.

So, where do we go from here? He doesnt know how I feel, I dont want to burst his bubble, and I would like to get into it as I know he enjoys it so much.....

Any advice would be really appreciated.
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My Slave Contract
Slave ContractsI, sissyboyslave7, promise to be obedient, loyal, kind, and loving to Princess Patricia. She is my owner. i am a little bitch. I will do anything and everything she wishes for me to do. i am a pathetic worthless slave to my mistress. I agree to please her in anyway she wants. By signing this, I sissyboyslave7 will be completely controlled by my princess.
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Switching Roles
Reader Q & AI am a sub by nature, but my lover is a sub too. Even though he is normally controlling and an anarchist, his favorite line is, "*eff* the system" and "no one can make me do anything I don't want to do."

We switch roles sometimes. I thought for sure he would love to dominate me, but he likes it when I'm in charge. Actually it's fun and I like being in charge. But it's just that I'm really timid and shy around him, so I tend to freak out. I need to know how to be more confident and what exactly to do. I don't know what he will want or like or if he thinks that it,s weird, and that's what scares me.
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Ceremony Penis Offering
Reader Q & AI am VERY new to this but my slave is experienced.

We were texting and he said he liked the idea of a scenario using his cock as an offering to god. Without sounding ridiculous I have no clue how/what to do. Please help

Mistress Leigh
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How can I get my Mistress to Start again?
Reader Q & AI became a slave for Mistress Sara (my sexy wife) a couple months ago, but it only lasted a few weeks. She seemed to enjoy the power she had over me. Any ideas on how to renew this fun??
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Age of Exploration-Phase II
Reader FictionUpon returning from our vacation, We/we settled back to where we'd been before, with one exception. I answered well written ads from men who wanted to be dominated on line. Occasionally I'd find genuine, articulate, attractive men who enjoyed having a Goddess (their term) control how and when they came. The Mistress would absolutely insist on abstinence until Her slave pleaded to release. Then, Mistress might send a provocative, but tasteful photo, with long, blond hair covering Her face. The more power they gave Me, the more I demanded from them. I had a good looking, 40 year old man, pulling off the road during a long, congested commute so he could protect expensive suit pants from being ruined by semen he needed to release. another was downloading a picture on an international flight when I gave him permission to cum. The slave made his way to the bathroom, donned a condom, returned to his seat, and opened his laptop, which was covering his hands. While viewing the photo, My sub stroked himself until he came.
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"I want you to lick my asshole. Is that going to be a problem?"
Reader Q & AI am new to the Dom/sub thing and I am getting married. I love my husband and he is perfect. Our sex is even good, but I need something he won't give me, so I have a f--- friend who I have always kept around for sex when I needed it. This friend and I dabble in BDSM, even switching roles from time to time. I like the whole separate life excitement thing it does it for me. My friend is a kink.

We text when we're feeling frisky and one day he just throws this out there...."I want you to lick my asshole, is that going to be a problem?" wow. Well, my mantra is try everything in life once, so I didn't shoot him down. What I'm looking for is some advice about getting into ass play with a guy who wants to be probed but not *f*ed with a strap on. What are my limits? How do I push his?
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My first domination session..HELP - What to Say?
Reader Q & AI am 19 years of age and I just started dating this guy who I REALLY like.. My whole sexual life before has been completely normal. I have no real fantasies or anything like that because I.. well I don't know. I've never explored anything else. He really wants me to dominate him and he's even given me things to say to him but I giggle and get all shy and just get quiet.

I am very comfortable around him otherwise but when it comes to me being dominant, I almost get embarrassed! I do get turned on when he dominates me but I want to learn to break out of my shell and do that for him. He doesn't like pain but I noticed he wants me to talk to him like a lower human. I just freeze up because I don't know what to say..I'm afraid I'll sound stupid, even though he promises not to laugh! Please help!
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Your top 3 favorite activities & why?
Reader Q & AJust a little thread for anyone regarding your 3 most favorable activities and why? I'll start with mine...

#1.. Chasity

Because it gives me total control over my sissy/slave husband, who'll do anything for an orgasm...

#2.. ass worship/facesitting

Well it feels soooooo damn good!!! and somehow it makes hubby senseless..

#3.. lol... use to be my strap-on, but now is my live in transsexual friend... ... on another thread "I tricked my sissy/slave husband"

Those are just my favs.. i also enjoy many other aspects of bdsm...

Please share yours...

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The Age of Exploration-Phase I
Reader FictionI guess it started innocently enough, in the form of role playing. I was in My late thirties. My lover and I would engage in different, provocative, harmless, scenarios. he liked Me as a Dom and We/we had some fun with it. As time went on, he encouraged Me to take My outfit and attitude out of the house. It began predictably with house parties. Next, came All Hallows Eve dance club celebrations. The dresses became shorter, the boots taller, and the tops skimpier. I began to add props such as steel handcuffs, a riding crop, dog collar, and shackles. My Mistress "costume" received greater attention with each appearance. The lover enjoyed it, and, frankly, so did I. Having men, completely unknown to Me, pay homage was becoming interesting and sometimes exciting.

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