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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 21, 2014

More sub then Dominatrix
Reader Q & AMy husband wants me to dominate him, now I have tried before but it never seems to work. Partly because he does make it challenging and I am more comfortable assuming the role of sub then Dom. I'm fine when we first start but then I get really nervous and insecure about what I'm doing. Last night I even tried your "Training Day" scene but he would only half listen to what I told him and for punishment he laughed. I will take any advise I can get. I just need help.
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Punishment? Get me in the Mood?
Reader Q & ATotally new into having a sub. The dude I am dating told me he likes to be dominated. I've always been a little controlling in bed, but never tied anyone up. Been pretty vanilla.

I need suggestions. He wants me to not allow him to cum, and if he does to punish him. I can withhold him from releasing 'for however long I want. ' I am confused by this and also by the punishments. Sure I'll paddle him or pout, but is that what he means to punish him when he's bad? I don't know. I asked him what sort of consequences he thinks he deserves and he said "whatever I think".

And to be honest I really don't care - I do it to make him happy. Any reading material out there or something I can do to totally get into this mind frame? Suggestions for punishment?

Love the scenario category (scenes to play). Those certainly help.
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Slave Name
Reader Q & AI am embracing my inner bitch and I am Mistress in training.
I have a wonderful sub who is experience ...

I need to give him
#1. a slave name and
#2. I would like to give him a female name for when I humiliate and feminize him.

Can I do two names with one being a womans name...????
and is there an art to selecting a name?
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Domme wear on a budget - Dress like a Dominatrix without big bucks
Reader Q & AFor years I have been suppressing my sexual side, but NO MORE. I am very interested in learning and experiencing more of my Dominate Female side.

One problem that I am facing is insecurity about the "look." While I would love to get all corseted and leathered up like a smoking hot dominatrix, but I am on an extremely tight budget at the moment and unfortunately I have been neglecting my Sexy Sensuous side for entirely too long. (I have, for instance, only one pair of shoes that could remotely be considered sexy.)

I have decided that it is time for me to embrace my inner bitch, but I have no idea how to look the part on a shoestring budget.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you,

Lady Lisa
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All out of Boy Toys - Never!
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewWhat a tragedy this would be! Clearly they are not looking hard enough, or perhaps I have collected them all?
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An Orgasm a Day?
Reader Q & AHere's my problem. My subs desire to be controlled or continue with the scene "goes completely flat" after an orgasm. We constantly find our play stunted by an untimely orgasm. Or even worse too much time goes by without an orgasm.

Please give me some advise on this topic.
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Inexperienced but willing to learn
Reader Q & ADear Fellow Dommes,
I'm 19 years old, and have a wonderful guy friend whom has expressed his past experiences and how he loves being sub. I have told him my secret dream of being a Domme -- he LOVES it! I've read a lot from this website hoping to learn as much as I can. And I feel like I'm in the right place trying to learn about my inner bitch.

But I still have my V-card; he does not. ...
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Need him to Commit -- My sub and I are newbies, I have questions
Reader Q & AI've been friends with a man for four years & we started hooking up casually (safely, but casually) about a year and a half ago. Shortly after our first physical encounter, he asked me to discipline him and a new phase of our relationship opened up.

I have serious feelings for him, as he does for me, yet we're not dating. As I told him, I wouldn't do this if I didn't care for him, and I really enjoy our sessions, as does he. Obviously, developing a dom/sub relationship requires a LOT of trust, but how do I approach him about formalizing our relationship (as in full exclusivity?)

He's never submitted to anyone else & I've never dominated anyone else, yet we have both had relations with others since we aren't gf/bf. I want to take our friendship/hookup/playtime to the level of gf/bf, but how? Yes, I'm a jealous woman & I don't want just any ol' heifer playing with my toy!
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Stay - (Reader Fiction)
Reader FictionI'm pulling into my garage soaking wet from the rain. I know I should've grabbed my umbrella before leaving to go to my lover's house.

Turning off the car, I realized the engine was keeping my throbbing pussy calm. I wish I could go back over to my girl sub Susan's house so I could allow her to finish licking my pussy.
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Whatever you say Miss
Slave ContractsI am 100% yours my beautiful Mistress. I worship the water you walk on. You are my Queen. Do whatever you want to me. You own me. You own my heart, my body and my soul. I declare myself to you entirely.
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Reader Q & AMy sub found me. I asked a technician at the dealership I work to scuff my platform stilettos so I wouldn't slip. While standing like a flamingo holding my 5" heel, I noticed the tech next to us couldn't take his eyes of me--he looked physically uncomfortable. Later that day he came to me head down, complimented my shoes and meekly offered to "be of service" in the future. Our interaction was electric and voila! a Mistress is born.

Here is the problem (or is it?): With the exception of his 4" cock, I crave his body. He's simply delicious. While I get such satisfaction from belittling & humiliating him-especially *censored*ing my stud in his presence--sometimes I crave his body against mine just as much. And this is despite the fact he's not been fully trained on how to satisfy me. It's a thin line. My satisfaction is the priority, but it cannot turn into my worshipping the cuckold.

So, a little advice needed on keeping perspective. How do you balance an attraction to your slave with your role as Mistress?
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"Mommy" Role Play
Reader Q & AMistress Blaze,

I've just acquired a new sub who is into "Mommy" role play. I want to make sure that I get the most enjoyment out of it. Any advice You can offer will be most appreciated. I absolutely LOVE your website!

Thank You,
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