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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 21, 2014

Heart Spanker Paddle for your Valentine
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewShow him how much you REALLY care by imprinting his ass with little hearts during your next paddling session. It's the Elegant Moments leather paddle with hearts.
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From Stevi - I desperately need to be your slave
Slave ContractsI have had some experience with BDSM and itís always on my mind. I enjoy many aspect of the lifestyle and want to fulfill this lifelong desire to be a dominated man with my girlfriend. I understand starting slow but I think she is having trouble understanding me and my desire. She thinks Iím somewhat of a freak and thatís ok. We joke about it thatís why Iím ok with it. She says sheís not happy with her appearance and this contributes to her hesitation along with not knowing really what to do. I can tell you she is perfect in every way. From the tips of her sexy toes to the top of her head with her beautiful hair - I wouldnít change a thing. She truly is a goddess to me.

I want to be able to experience the domination I know she is capable of. She has a dominant side but doesnít see it. She can be very aggressive and assertive when she wants to. The issue is helping her to get to this point. I hope this will help her.

Babe, I so desperately need to let you know how important this desire is for me. I want to serve you; I want to be yours to do with as you please. From whipping and training to humiliation and amusement. I want to be owned by you, I want to be controlled by you. I want to be dominated in every sexual way by you. I want to SERVE YOU and your every need. Please take me as your slave and property.
I love you.
What else can i do?
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Determining if someone is receptive to being a sub
Reader Q & AThis is a two-part question. First, I am 50 years old and know I want to exercise more power in my life, especially over men. Since this would be new for me, I would like to know how I would determine a potential pet's interest in belonging to me.

Second, I recently vacationed in Jamaica and met a very luscious 29-year old Jamaican man. I really want to make him my pet, but I'm unsure how to gauge his interest in this kind of relationship. In this specific instance, I would be dealing with cultural differences. I'm not sure if different cultures have different ways of expressing themselves. Would I do the same thing here as I would in part one of my question?

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Too cute?
Reader Q & ADear Mistress Blaze,

It seems every where I look, its the strong, sexy, streamlined, dominatrix. This is kind of an issue, because I am more in the cute, almost gothic lotia cute, zone. I know that there is no way on this earth I will ever be slave material, but is it even possible to be a... I don't know, a cute dominatrix? Is "cute and deadly" a no no?


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I want a Servant not a Slave
Reader Q & AMy first steps in taking control:
I have purchased a "red rider" strap-on and taken his virgin ass several times... He is broken in and ready to accept more...
Every morning I insert a catheter and direct him to kneel as he swallows my "magic Nectar"... This is to remind him throughout the day that I am in charge...
I don't want him doing house work and have hired a cleaning service so that he may pay more attention to his Queen... I want a servant, not a slave...
If anyone would like to comment or give advise I look forward to reading and responding to your letters...
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What Can I say?
Reader Q & AHe's into the whole humiliation thing and were both new to this, but we really like it!

I'm just not really sure what to say :/ I want to write a sort of script, but I have no idea what to say really. X
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My Contract To Mistress Elise
Slave ContractsDear Mistress Elise,
I pledge my mind, body and soul to you, I pledge my slavery to you and therefore that makes me yours. I will serve you until the end of time. You are my owner, my goddess, my princess, my mistress, my lady who owns my life and I am your bitch, pet, servant and slave. You may do whatever you wish to me as you own every single inch of me , I will promise to follow any little command that you say to please you and accept my punishment if I disobey or do it wrong. I will worship you daily and nightly and even when Iím away from you.
I, 25000slave pledge my life to my mistress Elise, she has the power of making me do anything she wishes
I love you mistress
Signed by 25000slave
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As you wish, Mistress E.
Slave ContractsI give myself to you as your property, mistress. I bow down to you as a play thing for your amusement and pleasure. I thank you for accepting me as your slave. You are my goddess, my princess, my owner. I shall bend to your every whim immediately, and without question. I shall wait upon you hand and foot. I shall thank you for not humiliating me publicly by being exceedingly obedient, so much so that I serve your needs without consistent prompting. I will always walk on your right, as you wish.

~Your new eager slave
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Reader Q & ACan a switch ever make a good Dom or Domme? If so, how do you make your transition from submissive to Dominant more smoothly?

So, in the past, I thought I'd be into domination, if anything... Then my S.O. (let's call him "E") had entertained some of what I thought were just pure fantasy incest fetishes... Then I realized, I didn't just want a daddy in bed, I wanted a Daddy Dom! So he did an actual scene with me in a hotel room one night. I had the BEST time in my entire life, and E enjoyed the *perks* (enthusiastic oral sex) but not so much the role he was playing... He also has issues that we're working on to make him more comfortable with the role and demanding sexual favors.

Then later he said he's interested in switching roles and trying it out. It's only fair that if he fulfills my submissive needs, that I would fulfill his! (Thus why I am here.) I'm not as uncomfortable with being dominant as he is. I'm starting to really enjoy planning what I'm going to do to E and make him submit to:) I think I might enjoy it almost as much as submission.

Thanks in advance for your input!
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Help! Trash talk input needed!
Reader Q & AI'm reading everything I can get my hands on about being a Mistress to my sub. he found ME, and has unleashed something in me that I knew was there but didn't knowhow to bring it out.This man is a dream come true....a complete sub...and I fully intend to make him my pet and to keep him at my side (or feet). He needs (begs) to be Dominated in every way. To be trampled, stomped on, smothered,punched, choked...humiliated. He is definately a massochist - and wants nothing more than to be mistreated and beaten. All of which I can do...and enjoy what it does to him, to break him down completely and at my command. To the vanilla world he is very much an Alpha-type... But knowing I can bring him to his knees with a command, with a look, that he wants nothing more than to serve ME, obey, worship every part of SO EMPOWERING!

We have a connection thats electric! Emotional and physical, so its no surprise to me that the only thing I struggle with is talking to him and trashing him verbally. He craves to be told hes a worthess sub thats unworthy of any of my attention,except it needs to be crude, filthy, the dirtier the better.

Yes,I can cuss like anyone else! I can be dirty in my descriptions of what I want or want to do to him, but because I care deeply for him...the rest is difficult! I need advice! Anything to help me.with the right dialogue!! I posted this yesterday but as a reply...sorry!
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First time of bdsm might also be the last time
Reader Q & AMy girlfriend and I have been together for just under a year now, our relationship is quite serious, as in we are planning on marriage type of serious. We recently brought bondage and mistress play into our sex life (which consisted mainly of vanilla sex and her fetish of fantasy rape).

The first time we tried it, I was in absolute ecstasy, and couldn't get enough of it (its pretty much my biggest fetish now) and she seemed to enjoy herself as well. However, after 2 more sessions, she said that she was "bored" of being a mistress and no longer wanted to include it in our sex life. Obviously, this is VERY frustrating, and after getting a taste of the ecstasy of being dominated I can't just let go of it...

Is there any way to re-ignite her interest in femdom play? Any way to make her un-bored of it? Is it because she would rather be dominated by me (due to her fetish for fantasy rape)? How do I solve this?? I don't wanna lose my mistress!
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