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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
 Welcome to Arena Blaze
 October 20, 2014

"The Outfit"
Look the PartMy latest purchase. Gawd I can't wait to whip some ass in my fine new leathers.... ;-) The corset is lovely because its laces up the back so it *always* fits just right.
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Apparel Starters for Plus Size Dommes
Look the PartI do not feel sexy and it is because I am a very short, large woman, but my man loves me the way I am, and he thinks I'm sexy. The problem is that I need to feel it too in order to be that confident Domme he wants to experience. I have looked around on your site at the clothing section and saw many things that I would love to wear, but I want to look my best and at the moment have little to spend. My man loves the fishnet stockings, body stocking and black latex/patent and also leather. I love the Goth look and feel of some clothing, but I really want to hide my belly as much as possible and still get a good look going. Can you suggest some of the clothing items to begin with until I have managed to lose a little more weight please?
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Leather Dominatrix Outfit
Look the PartLooking for a leather dominatrix outfit? You may be browsing for the real deal, or just looking for more of a costume for some fantasy play or Halloween. In any case, you want to look hot in your leather outfit and exude the power of the dominatrix that you are. Embrace that inner bitch, and wrap her in leather.
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Brand Spanking New Domme
Reader Q & AI just found out my guy is really into being dominated but I'm such a sub that I would be happy to do this for him. Confusing to begin with, but aside from that I have no idea where to start. What should be punished? What should be rewarded? And which is what? Also how can you make having that kind of attitude less tiring? I know I'm asking for a lot but anything you can give me would be so helpful.
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Bull Whip - There's An App for That
Bondage Buzz-Toy ReviewA virtual whip. Amuse yourself with this app, until you're able to get full training on using a real whip! I was completely tickled by this app and have found great use for it as a "warning signal" when my little doggie is starting to stray from good behavior. Since he's had a taste of the real thing, just the mere sound of my little pocket whip brings back memories of pain and obedience. Best part is that it's free. Download it here: Pocket Whip
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New punishment ideas? - for long distance domination
Reader Q & AI am currently learning how to be a Dominatrix and have found a willing sub and I have to say I am loving it so far. I did not really have a clue where to start but found this site and read it all before beginning. I found it the most helpful thing to me yet, so thank you.

My problem is not only am I new, but my sub is as well PLUS he lives miles away from me. I have read the Q&As on long distance and telephone domination and am grateful for the help there. Can anyone offer anything further. Given we are quite restricted I fear the novelty will wear off and there is a chance I can put this into practice in person with him soon, so don't want to ruin it.
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Follow Blaze on Twitter -- Feed Your Inner Bitch
General News Dominatrix tips and quips that will even inspire regular people to explore their inner Domme.

Mistress Blaze finally got a Twitter account. I'm always telling her that her funny retorts would make great tweets, and she is finally on board. But she isn't going to use it much if you bitches don't get over there and follow her! If you prefer to call it "stalking", that's ok too!

Obedient subs are also welcome to follow our Twitter feed, but don't expect any attention boys. You'll have to earn it, or have permission from your Mistress.

Here's the link:

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Silent Seduction
Reader Fiction(I wrote this for my mistress and while I'm sure its rather tame as most stories go I'm posting this at her request, and as a good pet I am complying with my Mistresses wishes. I hope you enjoy it none the less.)

I come home from work and enter the house. You are nowhere to be seen, I call your name and you appear from around a corner wearing a great big smile, one of my dress shirts buttoned up to just below your bra your breasts visible, a mini skirt that barely covers your ass and thigh high lace up boots. Your stop and spin around so that I can get a good look at you, my mouth hung open in disbelief at the sight In front of me. You start toward me again with an exaggerated wiggle in your hips, trailing your hand along the wall again you say nothing, you just smile. You walk up to me and stand inches away from my face you move in to kiss me but stop short of my lips and just kind of tease me.
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Safe bondage in the bathtub?
Reader Q & AI have a bit of a fantasy about tying my sub up in the bath. He is pretty tall and our bathtub isn't massive so he can't lie down in it (only sit up) so this gives me confidence that he won't slip and drown.

But having never done this before I wondered if anyone had any ideas on making sure I do this safely. I was planning on tying his hands but what should I tie them to? The taps?

Have you ever tried this? Any tips?
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Text and email commands
Reader Q & AHello I'm new to the whole Dom and sub thing. I'm not sure how to go about commanding someone via text or email. How should I start off? He says he accepts my financial use and control and that he fully submits to me. He says he'll be completely focused on my pleasure and giving certain freedoms in order to serve my interests. Should I demand something of him, I have no idea how to start but I'm excited about his willingness to serve me.
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Letter to my mistress
Slave ContractsMy Mistress

My Mistress is one of delicacy and ecstasy. No other can compare to she.
No sonnet or music is able to be composed of her, because there is no words that are able to describe her, no sir.
My mistress is one who is harsh but fair. She will treat me with kindness but whip my ass bare.
No other mistress is as beautiful as she, she cannot be compared to the sky, the earth, or the sea.
Angels fight to have a voice like hers, her skin is as soft as the finest furs.
My mistress has a face of a pearl, so majestic and makes your toes curl.
The love I have for mistress is one that is great, we were destined to be together, it is fate.
I love my mistress with all my heart, I can't stand to be without her or apart.
The joy the my mistress brings to me, is one that is only described as ecstasy.
My mistress is the most precious thing in my life, without her, I would take to my wrist a knife.
No other mistress can compare to mine, she is so glorious and so Devine.
I love her with all my heart and my soul, without her, my life would be null.
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Teacher/Governess - student role play
Reader Q & AHello. I'm not even sure where start.. Thank you in advance for patiently reading. I met this guy and we got talking, one thing led to another and the next moment I was in his living room spanking him with a wooden ruler and wooden brush....Something I've never done before!

He wants to be treated like a naughty school boy and spanked for his wrong doings. After our initial encounter I mentioned to him that next time I'll use a riding crop to spank him on the bed and tie him up..but he doesn't want to be tied up...says it's too s&m and wants to keep things old fashioned...??
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