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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 25, 2014

The Day She Dressed Me
Reader FictionThis is posted in the reader fiction but it's an experience that actually happened to me....

I dated a woman some time ago that tapped into something that drove me nuts. For this story I'll call her Sarah. One day, while we were having sex, she reached for a lipstick and put it on. Then she teased me with it. I came instantly when she touched it to my lips and she knew I was open to more. We talked about it through the weekend and each time we did my erection told her I was all in. She said she wanted to dress me as a woman and have sex with me. I wasn't about to argue with her.

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My Pleasure, His Punishment: Controlling My Own Orgasm
Reader Fiction There he was. My slave, naked, shackled hands over his head, begging forgiveness and pleading to release. his bottom was deep red from the feel of My crop. his throbbing penis, became My next target. I placed clothes pins on his ball sack and then began running the tip of My switch up and down the underside of his fully erect dick. The tease was swiftly followed by quick, sharp, stinging, taps finding their mark on My submissive's testicles and cock. his increasingly desperate and pathetic pleas for permission to cum moved Me not at all.
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Reader FictionMy favorite Bitch goes to the showers. I follow and begin to pound on the door.

He opens the door, “Yes Mistress? He questions with a smile.

I push him backwards and step in. I lock the door behind me. He is glistening with wetness from the shower as his rock hard cock juts out in front of him.

“Who does your body belong to?” I snarl.

“My body belongs to you Mistress.”

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No Longer Vanilla
Reader FictionI had my bag of trix… He asked for me to dominate the situation yet we were both entering uncharted waters. For over 3 years of our relationship we shared subtle fantasies, but never expected to have the adventure we dreamed about. How would he receive the scene I prepared? I spent days mentally preparing myself, I could do this and I could do it well. The time had arrived, no backing out now. We checked into the hotel. I ordered him to take off all his clothes and kneel in front of me. I lit some candles, vanilla. I smiled knowing nothing would ever be vanilla for us again…
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Height and Dominance
Reader Q & AI have a question obviously, but before I get into that....I just wanted to thank you so much for having this site :) It's been incredibly helpful to me as I begin to explore the world of femdom, and I'm grateful to you for such helpful resources. :)

My boyfriend and I were both virgins before each other, and while we both knew we had an interest in femdom even before each other, we are only just starting to explore it. We have a close, loving relationship, and live together. We are both interested in a more mild form of femdom that never involves pain. He is very good and willing to submit to me in sexual aspects despite being older than I am and holding the traditional male role in the romantic aspect of our relationship. That's how we both want it and we're an impossibly perfect match.

Now for the problem...
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Can you be both a Dom & Sub?
Reader Q & AI find that I want to be both a Dominatrix and submissive. ....Is that even allowed? Please let me explain. With my "Love" that I am with now, We have a lot in common. We both were abused when we were younger and cause of this both of us have secrets needs.... he likes to be dominated and I find that I love nothing more then smacking his sweet little behind and riding him hard with my strap-on just the way he needs when Ms. Beatty wants to come out and play (he he he). But I don't see me being a Dom to anyone else but him. There is a bond that we share because of our past.

But I have other desires like his to be spanked, and even though "my Love" will do anything to please Ms. Beatty he can't bare to hurt her.

Truth be told my fantasy is to have a bigger man then him dominate me.
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From Boyfriend to Sub
Reader FictionMy girlfriend and I have been together for some time now. When we first met, she let me ride her, and even enact some of my more extreme fantasies on her. Over time, though, she started to change-in a good way. It was very subtle, but my girlfriend was becoming more dominant.

I suppose it began in the second year of our relationship. We were lying together in bed, when suddenly she jumped on me and started *censored*ing me. Of course, by the end I was on top and she was subject to my demands, but it was clear she had started the sex when she wanted to. it built up from there, and within a few months, she wouldn't let me ride her, unless she gave express permission. I didn't complain, as it was extremely pleasurable and I found I enjoyed the feeling of being under a woman.
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HEEELP - want to surprise him with his fantasy
Reader Q & AI am dating this guy that I was friends with prior to. We have had a few conversations talking about his fetishes and those sorts. Well, I went through his phone and found some conversations he was having with a few girls online, and it really got me interested. They talked to him like complete shit. As weird as this sounds, it turned me on. So I'm searching the mistress and domination thing and I want some examples. Scenes, things to say wear etc. I don't want to freak him out, however I want to completely catch him off guard he isn't excepting it because I'm a nice girl...:) I know he is into the financial dom and humiliation. ADVICE PLEASE
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Reader Q & AI am new to this whole world, I have someone in my life that wishes me to own him. He wants me to give him commands, I am very shy because I do not see this man as taking orders. He is the one who gives them, but he wants me to take control of him. I really want to give him what he wants and desires and I am happy that he has thought of me as the one to give it to him. I have purchased the boots, some outfits, stuff like that but he wants me to give him more communication. Please help I am having fun with this and him I would like to please.

In need of some help.
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Dominant-Submissive fiction is Number One right now
Reader Q & AThe current number one selling book at Amazon right now is about a Dominant/submissive couple. It's called, 50 Shades of Grey. Apparently we are finally getting the word out! While the Dom in this book is the male, there is still plenty to learn from this, and it will get your creative juices flowing (If you know what I mean!)
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Sexy Elixirs
Scenes to PlayMy Mistress usually has me make a ‘slave elixir’ and a ‘Mistress Cock-tail’ to get our sessions started. It has become part of Her ritual and the idea is so neat to me. It’s like I’m going under Her spell when I drink it. We have very pretty, dedicated glasses we use only for this special sexy occasion. The slave tonic is a little bit kin to a LIT but it does have a ‘secret aphrodisiac’ ingredient. It is strong and helps me with being able to physically and mentally serve and service my smokin hot Lady. My Mistress tells me what to put in it and how much and, I guess it’s through conditioning that my cock actually begins getting stiff while I’m making it!
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Toilet Training, Mommy Play and Puppy Play
Reader Q & AMy man has asked me to research toilet training as he wants to do it lol. I don't really know much about it or what to do at all and I really want to please him and play with him. So, an you please help me with this and at least tell me where to go to find something to read on the subject. Also he is interested in Mommy play and I can sort of figure it out but I would still like to do some reading on it. Same thing for puppy play. Thank you for this awesome site.
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