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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 24, 2014

Outing - How to Act in Public with my sub
Reader Q & AI'm very new to this so I need to learn from you wonderful ladies. If you go out with your sub' how do you act in Public? I have no idea what to do.
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First Timer - Need Punishment Ideas
Reader Q & ACan anyone help me..I'm brand new at this and having problems coming up with punishments for my boy slave.This will be my first time being dominant, I'm very shy. I really didn't know exactly what to say to my slave because I'm not a talkative person but since I've found this site, I have some good ideas and I'm hopeful. I will incorporate dominantrixs into my everyday life style and I'm excited about this. Please keep giving beginners like me ideas, and I will eventually become a pro at this. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE..THANKS
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New to this. Need serious help and suggestions asap!!!
Reader Q & AMy husband is overseas and wants me to control him when he gets frustrated by things that are going on with life. The problem is that I am new to doing this, in person controlling him is not an issue but I am running into problems with controlling him over the phone. He is very rebellious on the phone and refuses to do what I demand.

Every command I give him he says "and if I don't?" I give him a warning and he still refuses. I know he's accepted these things from other women over the internet in the past and has easily obeyed them, so I am having a hard time understanding what the issue is with submitting to me. I have been a real bitch to him and it doesn't work.

I do enjoy being the dom in person, but I am starting to hate it over the phone. I have a picture of him in a dog collar and chain and have warned that I will send it to different people, or voice clips of him saying he is my dog and that he will lick my toilet clean for me to use it. Sometimes this works sometimes it doesn't. Please help!
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Bsdm club..... How to Act around other Dommes?
Reader Q & AHi my name is Ms.Frost and I'm a new Domme.... Well in the public scene in any case. I was the first for all my subs and I never went public with it. So I find myself going to a bdsm club in two days and I don't know how to act around other Dom/mes. What is worse is that I'm a switch but only with people I get attached to and there for trust and I don't want any other Dom/mes thinking that I am a sub just cause I'm being shy. AND I'm going alone cause I just broke it off with a sub for distance reasons. In any case HELP! Thank you for your time.

Ms. Frost
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Thinking maybe he isn't as into this as me
Reader Q & ASo, my fiance has been a sub before. I'm a brand spanking new Domme. He's been very encouraging. But, just earlier we had a conversation that has greatly upset me. He said some things that make me think he might not be into this like I am. He may very well be humoring me, but not really wanting to do this. In which case I'd call the whole domme thing off, which would really suck. But neither do I want him to lie and say "of course he is" just because he knows that is what I'd do. How do I get the real answers? And when I get them, how do I deal with them?
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In desperate need of help!!!
Reader Q & AHello! I have always been interested in domination, but have recently decided to pursue it. I have a few problems.
A.) I have no one to dominate. I have somewhat of a slave, but he lives farther than I would find possible to travel. I need to know where I can find someone. I am not currently in any sort of relationship.
B.) I have had no experience in anything! You name it, I haven't done it. Sad, but true.
C.) I live in a very conservative area, so it's hard to express my desires. Any advice?
I have been reading through some of the other pages and have found them very useful. I just wanted to say thank you to those who have contributed.

I understand I asked quite a bit, but please forgive me. I just want to know as much as I can.
Thank you
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How to Dominate My Husband
Reader Q & AMy husband wants me to dominate him. What do I do?

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Overwhelming New Adventure
Reader Q & AIt wasn't more than three weeks ago that my Wife and i discovered our hidden desire to have a Dom/sub relationship. We've been married for 26 years and i have spent most of that time trying to figure out how to provide her with the relationship, attention, and pleasures that she deserves.

i am still not sure if this is what will make Her completely happy, but i do know that after reading your web site, playing around with a scene, communicating like never before, and of course some better than average pleasures for Her, She has a more than healthy interest in being a Dom. However, She is finding it very hard to overcome Her passive and kind-hearted nature.

It seems to be that part of the issue stems from being overwhelmed. There is just so much to being a Dom...and little for a sub....that She can't grasp it all and reverts back to trying to please me. Even the Scenes for Play section here seem to be overwhelming Her. She needs Her "inner bitch" badly and i was wondering if anyone had some helpful insight as to how to help my Mistress blossom?
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Help, We're both Dominant
Reader Q & AI am having an massive issue over control in the bedroom. I am a dominatrix and a sadist, my friend (former fiance) is dominant but not into pain at all--or bondage, degradation/humiliation, and has flat-out refused for me to ever use a strap-on with him. I have respected his wishes not to cause him pain because he's not into it...but the neglect of an entire side of my nature was one of the contributing factors for why I broke the engagement. He definitely wants to marry me, but I don't want to spend my life unsatisfied.

The simple fact is I NEED to dominate; he knew what I was before we started going out--I told him, and I've never pretended to be anything else. I thought I could make it work just by doing a little bondage and playing on the psychological aspects of being restrained--I wouldn't have to hurt him/humiliate or do anything else to get my 'fix', and having someone with an equally powerful will submit to mine would possibly make up the difference. I even offered an equal exchange--every time I tied him up, he could tie me up next.

He didn't go for it.

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Dominant/submissive Shower Scene play
Scenes to PlayThere is nothing quite as satisfying as the perfect resonating sound of your bare hand forcefully meeting his soapy, dripping wet ass in the shower. Try this scene and feel dirty while you are getting clean.
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Caught my slave/husband playing with himself.. What shall I do?
Reader Q & AI keep him in chastity unless of course I want him out, along with his sexy lingerie. I have sex with him 3-4 times a week, but only let him orgasm once, if he's been good all week, and the other 3-4 days he pleasing me with his tounge.. About a week ago I went to meet my girlfriend for breakfast, but before leaving I put a collar round his neck and tied it to the headboard, and rope round his balls and tied them to the foot board, and left him unchastized (trusting or not thinking he would be bad). I left the house, but had forgotten my phone. I returned not even 5 minutes later, walked into the bedroom and there he was, hand round "my" cock!
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Reader Q & ANew Domme here, just starting out. What role, if any, does bondage play in the D/s relationship?
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