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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
 Welcome to Arena Blaze
 October 23, 2014
Welcome to Arena Blaze

Learn Female Dominance - How to Become a Dominatrix

Be a Dominatrix Welcome to Blaze's Arena. ...It's time to play.

So you’re interested in domination.

You want to have your man crawling along like the pet that he is, right? You want to show him who’s boss?

You want to make his fantasies (and yours) come true by making him the object of your possession? Oh, my friend, you have come to the right place!

Here you will find everything you need to know about looking the part, setting the scene and learning the ropes. Leather divas and naughty girls in training. Learn how to become a Dominatrix.

Mistress Blaze and her associates will teach you. 

Get ready to be BLAZED!!!


The Art of Authority – Domination 101
Learn the ropes, get the gear. Everything you need to go from mundane to me-ow!

Set the SceneScenes to Play – Ready to Dive In?
Blaze will help you set the stage for your lover’s fantasy and give you the links and the knowhow to make it go.

Look The PartLook The Part
What’s your Dominatrix style? It’s all out there. From leather to corsets, school-girl to head mistress, it's here.

Look The PartReader Fiction
Have you written some swanky sultry Dominatrix scenes? Share them here and inspire. Works from Dommes and subs are welcome!

Bondage Buzz - Toy ReviewBondage and the Buzz – Toy Review
From rope to spankers, to the latest in battery powered amusements, find it all in Blaze’s toybox.

Music SelectionLubricous Modulation – Mind Your Music
The right music can make a hot scene explode! Get your dominance on, with a little help from servant "j"

Slave ContractsSlave Contracts
Publicly declare ownership or have him submit himself as your property. Click Here to post to the slave contract topic.

Reader ContributionsReader Q & A
Ask and Answer questions for each other, and Blaze will join in as well. Blaze always encourages participation. Contribute stories, experiences, and learn from each other tips for being a Dominatrix.

Begin reading in the topics listed here, or browse individual articles below. For more reading, check out recommendations on Blaze's Book List. And don't miss the article on Safety First before putting anything into practice!

Still need help?  Try the Mistress Manual or some shopping inspiration

Training Day - Begin your Dominatrix journey Here

Scenes to PlayAll good pets have to be trained, right? Well today is training day for your man-pet. This is obedience school, and you’re the teacher!

This is a great scene for beginning doms and is a great way to teach your man his place. It’s also a good idea to repeat this scene on a regular basis, so no one forgets who the alpha dog is.

Sit! Stay! Good boy!

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Scene: First Time Flogging - How to Whip your man
Scenes to PlaySo, you bought yourself a sweet leather flogger. This is my all time favorite whipping toy, for my favorite whipping boy! Some of you lack confidence about how to use the thing, or you are worried that you might actually *hurt* him.

Well, have no fear my dears, for I have some tips to get you fired up about flogging! Blaze helped me write up this scene for you first-time floggers, who need some experience at giving a licking while keeping him ticking!

This scene should help you get over your fear of hurting him (SO over it), AND give you the confidence needed to really wail on his ass. I will teach you how to whip a man and really enjoy doing it.

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Dom that Hates Riding
Reader Q & AWhen it comes to sex I hate riding him. It gives me no pleasure. I like it when he is on top or from behind.

Is that giving him too much power? How can I still be incharge?
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Being Useful
Look the Part2002 - submissives hosting a dom dinner.

the Quality of the function was only as good as the quality of the resources. I'm sad to say, money would have made this better. But unlike most dining experiences, there was more than a one-to-one ratio of helpers, vs guests. Each guest had a slave who brought them food, and helped with other requests, I was a slutty sub who got to pander to all guests, serving them drinks and more.

Though I'm often in my french maid outfit, this night all of us subs & slaves were reduced further by wearing the same garb: 2 meters of cheap fabric draped over us, with a hole in the middle, with a piece of rope for a belt. To say simply, only some of us could really pull it off. and they say the clothes make the.. ahem..

I'm not much for styles, but I've kept that piece of fabric in a special place for a long time.

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Reader Q & ANew to D/s bedroom only play and had questions regarding a collar. I really love the idea of seeing my husband slave in a collar. However, it seems like there is some special significance to this in the community. Am I going to get black listed for not paying my respects to the importance of the collar as a symbol?

Provided your answer is that it's cool to use a collar, then follow up question is- how do you use a collar during playtime? Keeping in mind bedroom only and I like the collars with the rings in them.

-Mistress Jo
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Exhibitionist Dom Controls Two Voyeur Subs
Reader Fiction At least once a year I enjoy a four day, summertime trip into the city. Because the accommodations must meet some very specific requirements, My submissive makes reservations well in advance.

The demands are very clear. It must be a two bathroom suite, with at least one king sized bed, a refrigerator, stove, and microwave. The room should be above the 15th floor, and have large windows over looking a park and busy office building. The park is beautiful, the office building interesting, and an inspiration for play.

Over the years I've peered across the way and found many a man spending hours working at his desk. Occasionally I'll find an attractive one. How do I know he's appealing? My sub, packing high powered binoculars, has the job of inspecting his Mistress' prey and describing him to Her. It's a task he's had before. Sometimes it's up close and personal, in a lounge, club, or on the beach. Other times he has to dial a little long distance.

It begins simply enough. If I spy someone that interests Me, he's instructed to undress completely, take a look, from a darkened adjoining room and provide some details. he knows what I'm looking for. Tall, fit, good looking, neatly dressed, 35-55 years of age. A couple of times I've struck gold.
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To my Mistress
Slave ContractsMy Mistress,

You are my master, my owner, the ruler of my body,

You own me and have complete control over everything I do,

You punish me when you feel I need it,

You take my ass when you wanna show mw who's boss,
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One word...
Reader FictionDo you know what it's like to be afraid of the one who brings you to levels of unbridled ecstasy beyond the reaches of the imagination? Imagine, for a moment, you return to the home you've made with your lover, your master. You've been gone much of the day, and the sun is nearing the horizon as you walk through the door of your well kept home. It's not elaborately decorated by any means, quite sparse to be honest, virtually cold if not for the soft music in the background, a mixture of heavenly violin with melancholic piano, an angelic whisper singing sweetly along to the hum of the piano.
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snow white dress
Reader Q & AI would really like my wife to dominate me wearing a snow white costume. For some reason I find her very sexy. I like dress up sexy but my problem is I can cum to soon and would like to be turned on for longer. I'm not someone who gets turned on by nakedness as I do like things covered (I know lol, I'm wiered) plus piercings and tattoos are a big turn off. So I'm gonna try and see if I can persuade her. I brought some whips and cuffs in case it happens just gotta wait for a good time to ask her.
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Helping Wife realize the truth about herself
Reader Q & AI am thinking my wife may be into being a dominatrix but is afraid to let go and embrace it. I have noticed she likes twisting my nipples and slapping my...not sure if I can be graphic on this site so I will say my pole. She also likes pinching my butt and things like that which cause pain. She can be rough.

I finally think I connected the dots that she may be a dominatrix at heart but afraid to admit it to herself.
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Travel with Bondage Toys
Reader Q & AHas anyone traveled with their bondage toys? I am looking to bring my submissive on a vacation and can't imagine going without my restraints, collars, toys, and attire. However, I am concerned about TSA and don't want to have any of these items confiscated. How am I expected to enjoy vacation without keeping myself satisfied?

Any advice? ~ Mistress Jill

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Smoking Domination
Reader FictionI don't smoke and never have but I've had these insanely erotic fantasies, to me anyway, of being dominated by a woman who smoked. There are many such manifestations of these fantasies for me. Here is one for your thoughts and consideration...

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