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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
 Welcome to Arena Blaze
 October 23, 2014

Reader Participation/Questions Wanted!
Reader Q & ADear Divas - Do you have suggestions that can help other women embrace their inner bitch? Did you finally put your controlling tenancies to good use in your bedroom? Do you have stories or sensual fiction you'd like to share?

subs / slaves - What would you like your mistress to do to you? How did you approach your wife or significant other with the idea that you wanted to be dominated and controlled by her? Sensual fiction from a sub's point of view? Offer me something useful, and I will gladly use you by posting it. Make sure you have your mistress's permission before you do anything! Only obedient subs will have their contributions posted. (If you are just hoping to get yourself punished here, save it for your mistress.) In addition, please remember to admire my website and worship me when you make your submissions.

How to Contribute:

FIRST: Sign up for a user id. (see column at the left) or SIGN UP HERE.


Go here to Read and Respond to questions
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Go here to post new questions or
post reader fiction
or post public slave contracts!

Rules: (Yes, Blaze can be such a control freak at times!)
Please make an effort to use good grammar and punctuation. I do not expect perfection, but you must try. Do NOT submit material that is full of text speak such as "I want u 2 teez me". Next, please try to use the correct topic - "Fiction" or "Q & A". Other topics on this site are for admins only.

You may include pictures in your articles (as long as they are not copyrighted material, and do not contain nude images of genitals - save those for your private viewing). Submitted material must be approved by an admin before it will post. All material must be original - please do NOT copy material from other websites and paste it here! All are welcome in my Arena, as long as you play by my rules.

Please NOTE: We get a lot of questions about how to become a professional. We do NOT give advice about running a business. We are here to help you explore your fantasies and build your skills. Please see our Terms of Use if you need clarification on this.

Also NOTE: Unfortunately we get a lot of spammers who want to post things, so all articles must be moderated. This can sometimes take a few days. You have a better chance of having your story or question posted if you follow the rules, especially regarding punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. If it's easy to read, it's less work for us to correct it and post it!

We ENCOURAGE your participation! We understand that you are probably new at this, and we welcome you.

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