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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 24, 2014

Ideas for a dominant wife from a submissive husband
Reader Q & AMy wife either secretly reads ideas about how to control me or she has natural talent. You decide...

We never have sex unless SHE wants to allow it. When we do, she has absolute control over every aspect of it: position, speed, length of time, etc. She almost always holds my nipples in her fingers with her nails ready to dig in hard which she does frequently. The pain is intense. It stops me dead in my tracks like an on/off switch. She backs off and I can start again. If she decides to let me climax, she'll tell me and give me 1 minute or 30 seconds. If am I am not done, it's over.

I am generally not allowed to touch her. She says I am not clean enough, but even if I am just out of the shower she often tells me not to touch her anywhere. However she does want me to massage her feet often - which I love doing.

She always wants me around, her but only on her terms. We sit on the couch every night. I lean over and try to kiss her and she pushes me away, pulls my shirt up and pinches and/or digs her nails into my nipples, my buttocks, groin area, chest etc. It really hurts, and I have a high pain tolerance. She makes me rock hard and then just goes back to what she was doing. Foreplay for her, but no reward for me. She says she loves it, makes her wet...

Last week she cuffed my wrists over my head and secured them behind the couch. Then she put a blindfold on me and did her thing- mostly pain through digging nails, also biting, scratching, slapped my face, and a little spanking (which I beg her to do but she resists -- Maybe because she knows I crave it???) Anyway, she kept me aroused for 40 minutes or so and then simply released me and went to bed. No orgasm for me. I was also not allowed to touch her in bed that night.

The next day she shocked me by telling me I could have her -- the way I wanted and with no time limit! That was the first time in months she let me control the sex. Although, after 20 minutes or so, she said, "time's up".

I worship her, do everything for her, and she takes it all. What she does for me is fulfill in large part my dominatrix fantasy, but of course on her own terms- just the way it should be.

So what do you think? Is she a natural or a closet reader???


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Ideas for a dominant wife from a submissive husband
Authored by: Mistress_Blaze on January 21, 2010

Darling thunderbolt,

If I had to guess, I'd say she was a natural. How sweet that you naturally seem to adore and worship her as well. In fact, you could probably take it a step further if you encouraged her to read. Maybe get her a couple of the suggested books from my booklist and leave them casually lying around the house for her to find.

Does she ever tell you to call her by a different name? Do you ever ask her what else you can do to please her? If you have been a good boy and pleased her, then perhaps you could ask her if you are allowed to masturbate in front of her, or at all for that matter. And if you enjoy being spanked, maybe you should tempt her fury by being a bad boy (just a little). She may enjoy giving you spankings even more than you like to receive them.

Whatever her response, keep up the good work, dear. Worshiping your goddess can be exhausting, but it sounds like she's worth it.

Ideas for a dominant wife from a submissive husband
Authored by: Webmistress on January 22, 2010

Sounds like your 20 minute reward was delectable. I like the way she keeps you guessing and wanting more, so that you are always working hard to please her. One thing to remember is that just because we Dommes like to control our subs, doesn't mean that we don't love them!

Personally, I love being worshiped and of course, I LOVE being in control. I love spanking too. and biting. Did I mention biting? My boy's back and shoulders are delicious. Slurrrrp..

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