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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
 Welcome to Arena Blaze
 October 20, 2014

About Us

Being a Dominatrix should always be about creating a fun, safe environment for exploring your passions and fantasies. At we make every effort to provide that comfort to our visitors.

Female dominance is not about S & M. (Sado-masechism) or torture.

We make it a policy not to show images of nudity on this site. We don't need a bunch of naughty servants coming here just to get their rocks off. Save it for your own private fun. We strongly believe that sexual play should be between committed couples.

The Main Players in Blaze's Arena include: (Click the links to read the profiles)

Mistress Blaze:
Our loving Domme. First Lady of this play arena.
Mistress Blaze
servant "j"
Blaze's faithful and obedient man-servant and boy-toy. He is allowed to post stories at Blaze's descretion, when a male point of view is needed for teaching purposes.
servant j
Webmaster to the site and assistant to Mistress Blaze. She helps administer the website technical stuff, and will post things at Blaze's discretion as needed.

For more information about the policies of this website, please see Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. And of course, be sure to start with Safety First!

Please note that our purpose here is to provide a forum for fantasy exploration for Dominatrix enthusiasts only, not to provide advice for "professional" Dominatrix training or businesses. This website is not associated with any physical business location, including Arena Studios in New York City (fetish photography and events).

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Also, Remember always Safety First. Click here for For more information about this site.

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