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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
 Welcome to Arena Blaze
 October 24, 2014

Training Day - Begin your Dominatrix journey Here

Scenes to PlayAll good pets have to be trained, right? Well today is training day for your man-pet. This is obedience school, and you’re the teacher!

This is a great scene for beginning doms and is a great way to teach your man his place. It’s also a good idea to repeat this scene on a regular basis, so no one forgets who the alpha dog is.

Sit! Stay! Good boy!

As always: Play safe. Domination is an exchange of trust. If you don’t have a “safe-word” then establish one immediately (read here for safe word ideas). Make sure that the only thing your subject has to worry about is what you are going to do to him if he disobeys. For more tips on how to play safe, click here.

This scene requires very little setup, and it’s a great excuse to pick up a few of the essentials that every good dominatrix should have on hand.

RESTRAINTS: You’ll need restraints for your pet’s wrists. Both Eden Fantasys and Wicked Temptations are great sources for these items, as well as Amazon. If you are comfortable using rope, then by all means, knock yourself out. Just remember to play safe.

LUBRICANT: There is a wide assortment available in various formulations, scents and flavors. This is a matter of personal taste, so to speak, but my servant J seems to enjoy Cherry Flavored lube. It stays slick for a long time, and it tastes MUCH better than other water-based lubes. :grin:

THE NOTE: Write him a note. Nothing long and mushy, nor overly creative. Just a note telling your pet where to be, and what to be wearing…. My note for servant-J usually runs thusly: “Remove your clothes, and knock on the bedroom door. You have 5 minutes. - Mistress Blaze”. Depending on whether or not his training is corrective, or just for my amusement, I may include instructions about blindfolds or restraints or whatever. Remember: YOU ARE IN CHARGE.

COSTUME: Your pet should be wearing as little as possible. Try here for Pet Wear. You, on the other hand, should be dressed like the vixen that you are. Men are affected by visual stimulation differently from women. This scene is about showing your pet the sweet treat that he wants, and making sure that knows that obedience is the only way to get it. Please try my shopping links at the left for some excellent suggestions.

OPTIONS: It’s hard to recommend ankle restraints for this scene, as it requires your pet to stand for the duration, but a blindfold is always a nice touch. A spanker or a paddle is a good way to get your pet’s attention. Whether you use it or not, just showing it to him will probably keep him in check. You should also consider picking up some candles, and throwing on a little music.

Now for the fun part. You have set the scene. Candles are lit, music is playing. Your man knocks on the door (as instructed in his note). Ask him who it is, and then tell him to enter.

  • Tell him your Domme name and make him repeat it to you.
  • He is not to speak until he is spoken to. (Except to say, “Yes, Miss”)
  • Under no circumstances is he to have an orgasm unless he asks your permission.
  • He should stand in front of you, so that you may inspect him.

Circle him and inspect him. If he has done well so far, reward him with a few strokes, kisses, whatever you feel he deserves…just don’t go overboard. He hasn’t done anything to deserve your attention yet. Apply the restraints (hands behind his back), blindfold, etc, and begin asking him questions. REMEMBER: You are in charge. You have what he wants. If he is going to get anything from you, he has to earn it.

  • What is my name? (Make him say your Domme name. Without smiling.)
  • What is your safe-word?
  • How do I look? (Make him look at you and answer until you are satisfied.)
  • Do you want me to touch you? (Make sure he says Ma’am, Mistress, etc.)
  • What do you want me to do to you? (The only correct answer is: “Whatever you want, Miss.”)
  • Would you like to have sex with me?
  • What is my name? (Answering the same question over and over is frustrating.)
  • Who does your body belong to?
  • What would you like to do to me?

After a few questions, if he behaves reasonably well, encourage him. Your goal is to teach him that obedience and cooperation earn him attention. The more he behaves, the better the reward. If you are shy about oral sex, this may be a great, safe way to try it. How you punish disobedience is up to you. If you have a spanker, use it. Otherwise, remind him that you can keep this up all night. After all, you’re not the one with their hands tied behind their back.

Make your pet answer questions (repeating questions is perfectly fine) and keep rewarding him with better and better “treats”, until he is ready to explode, or until you get bored. DO NOT LET HIM HAVE AN ORGASM! At this point you might “allow” him to drop to his knees and give you oral sex, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could make him watch you masturbate. All of these are options, of course, and I’d love to hear how you decide to end the scene (you can leave a comment below using the "reply" button!).

My favorite ending to this scene is to unbind my now hornier-than-usual servant boy and order him back into his clothes. He will beg and whine, but anticipation is it’s own reward.

Besides, when I do finally have sex with him, he wants me so badly that he’s usually willing to do whatever it takes to get into my pants.

Read more "scenes" like this in the Scenes to Play topic area.


Still need help?  Try the Mistress Manual or Rock His World with a Leather Outfit

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Authored by: Ginger on March 30, 2007

This is fantastic. I finally have an idea of what to do to get my fantasy started with my husband (boy toy!). He has wanted to do this, but I have been hesitant to try because I felt unsure of myself. Now I have a better idea what to do. But I think I will need to wear a mask so I don't feel like my "old self". I can't wait to discipline my slave boy now.

Training Day
Authored by: SilverBeaver on April 02, 2007

I came across this web site almost by accident and I love it!!!
I tried a customized version of your Scene of the Month with my hubby and we had a lot of fun. We went on a little "minnie vacation" for the weekend and I became my own Arena Blaze. The training day scene was fun and sexy and really put a spark back into our marriage. I felt like the daring, highly sexual woman I was while we were dating. Wearing a mask really put me in the right frame of mind for the whole evening.

Training Day
Authored by: MistressRenza on January 04, 2008

I have been quite interested in learning the art of domination, but had no idea where to start. Then I came across your site and found the instructions for Training Day. I am planning to surprise my boy toy with a variation of it to see just how much he has to learn about obedience... Thank you for the great ideas and I can't wait until your next lesson is posted!

Unless I grip the sword, I cannot protect you.
While gripping the sword, I cannot embrace you.

Training Day
Authored by: EroticEliza on May 19, 2008

I have had an interest for years in Domination & have been called a BITCH by just about's a badge for me! I wear it proudly. I've been told by many I should get paid for my time...between analyzing & getting my way it is like a full time job! I began to work online not long ago performing as an AMATUER Erotic Host. There are some things I discovered about myself doing what I am of those things is...I really don't like being submissive but love to have orgasm! I also enjoy someone wanting me & desiring me! However I want them to wait & do things when I'm ready...I also can't stand being nice & polite & shy all the time... I had no idea how to blend my desires & needs & wants with the other person in a Domme I began to actively seek out...HOW TO BECOME A DOMINATRIX? I had been to 3 sites prior to this site & they had little if anything to offer. I am ecstatic about this's a GEM! Thanks so much for posting & being available to Ladies like me!

Wait for me! Mistress Eliza

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Princess on August 05, 2008

I absolutely love this website. I am so excited to try everything I've read about!

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: queen d on August 06, 2008

oh what a site!! two days ago i was a bored housewife, wondering how i could re-kindle my once very passionate sex-life with my adorable husand, who i love very much. two days later, i now have my very own slave, and oh how he loves his new mistress! we both have a lot of learning to do, but this is gonna be GREAT
Thanks arena blaze - you've been an inspiration

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: MissElectra on September 11, 2008

Brilliant- He was so frustrated by the end of it I had to stop myself from laughing. I fully recommend it to anyone, the sex was mind blowing!

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Phlexible on October 05, 2008

Oh this is good.... thanks .. what a great start and help

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Mistress Monet on October 09, 2008

Thank you so much for posting this. I have known I was a domme since
highschool, always being the aggressive one, spanking my partners,
biting on occasion. After years of dominant play I'm so happy to find a
model to draw from. I know now what I was doing "right " and what
can make it even better. I know there is no right or wrong but I also
know what is right for me and my partner. We had our Training session
last weekend and he was totally blown away.. he works in camp and
usually I don't hear from him till he is on his way home.. this week he
has called me 3 times already..

I am looking forward to much more play and scenes.. and a more
attentive pet ;)

Is Dominating what we need?
Authored by: RedVixen on February 03, 2009

My boyfriend and I have a great reltionship exept for the sex. He usually is never aroused and it is hard to get him interested in sex. He has given me many excuses about how I don't ever iniate sex and other things. He swears that he is totally into me, but I kill the mood. Last weekend I was so frustrated that I left in the middle of the night he begged me not to go and I told him that I needed to or I would just end up hating him.
Long story short I returned the next morning telling him how in the bedroom he was emotionally detatched from sex with me and how it was killing my self esteem. I was crying and he was so arroused we had some of the best sex ever. He then told me how horrible it made him feel that he was aroused by me when I was upset. He said it was not so much the fact that I was crying but something else. He then told me that he waas embarrased to admitt that he had found a video online of a woman telling him how to get his rocks off and that he needed me to be more domineering in the bedroom.
Seasoned Dominatrix's please tell me is this really what he wants or is there something that we are both missing? I am willing to do anything to save my relationship with this other wise wonderful and caring man.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Mistress Andrea on February 22, 2009

I have a new man-sub he is in the very early learning stages of our relationship, I did as you suggested with his 1st training day, and was very successful in earning his respect and his obedience. I also did the "more thah he can handle" scene while I was rewarding him he was in my COMPLETE control, and he was very good not to make a mess!
thanks for great advise. I will visit often, love your site.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Cheri.Bootstraps on February 28, 2009

Have been reading here for a few. It is very interesting to read for me. I wont go into a history of why I am here or what brought me here. I would be here all night and though it would be some good reading its not the time or the place.

I will say briefly that the Domme in me naturally exists. Ignoring that part of me has brought some disastrous results. Its explore what comes naturally and appreciate running into this place for some possible guidance.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: chunkylips214 on March 04, 2009

I would continue this scene by ordering him to sit on the floor, and would ask him something he is not ready to answer, i would ofcourse be annoyed at this lack of concentration and proceed to punish him by applying pressure on his cock with my beautiful black platform stillettos. After a bit of this i would rephrase the question and if he answers incorrectly again, he would get spanked in the balls with my handy link chain. I would take a sit, ask him a more specific question and reward him by allowing him to eat me out. I would finish the scene by tying him to the foot of the bed, then ride him for a bit, stopping a couple of times by leaving him there with blindfolds and all, until I feel I am ready to come.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: MistressCarolyn on March 10, 2009

What a wonderful site and article. I have a sub GF and she has been wanting me to take the Domme role more and more and I am learning how through this site and some of the suggested books. Thanks Blaze!

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Messiah_LuVV on April 24, 2009

THIS IS VERY INTERESTING AND I LOVE IT. I've been in tune with my inner bitch for a while now but I've never really used it until now. But I have a question and I hope some of you girls can help me. If my sub finds it cute to answer my questions wrong or repeatedly to try to get a reaction out of me, Would slapping be okay or forcefully grabbing but gingerly grabbing their face be OKAY?

Training day!
Authored by: sexysadie on April 26, 2009

I have dated a guy off/on for about 9 months. I'm CRAZY about him. I asked recently his fantasy -- which is to be dominated. This site will help me find my Domme style and steer it to create the perfect pet.

Thanks for your site and I look forward to your monthly suggestions.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: rosedoug on May 03, 2009

I am totally new to this, but having my first training session on Saturday. While I know what I want to do, and thanks to this site, trust, I am still nervous. I don't want to run out of ideas midsession, or lose my confidence, since first time. Has anyone felt the same?

Would love some tips, please....

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Werewolffe on May 18, 2009

I'm nineteen years old and I have an on-and-off relationship - in a healthy sense - with a guy who is into D/s and sadismmasochism and I've always been so nervous and never really took flight with the idea, but we have little roleplays over the internet and I have just now come across this site. It is very helpful and I feel that I will soon have a full understanding of my inner bitch...

I think I'm slowly falling in love with being a Domme. Hahaha.

Thank you very much for opening my eyes!!

P.S. - We are very mature in our decisions about this relationship; we have - in fact - not had sex yet and don't intend to any time soon unless it feels right. Don't worry for me... I am safe. :)

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: MistressMystic on July 25, 2009

Seems I've been a bit easy on my pets, I will have to try this and be more sturdy in my actions.
Thank you Blaze.

Training Day
Authored by: Willing32 on September 26, 2009

I have visited this site many times. Mainly because Im a single, 32 year
old man, who has dreamed of being owned while in a loving relationship,
since I was in my teens, before I knew anything about this lifestyle, and I
come in here to live through others. Ive actually been afraid of giving
myself up, for the one time I opened up to the one I loved, she didnt
understand, asked me to get help, and soon after we separated. Im a
Latino, and this type of seeing and living life is not accepted in my
culture. But Im more ready and willing than ever before and Ive been
single for a few years now. So Im asking you for advice Mistress Blaze.

I live in NYC. I dont how to go about finding the right woman for this. I
dont want to jump into slave/mistress thing too fast. I want to get to
know the woman who I would end up serving. I even joined a dating
website, AY!

The woman I do want to give myself to, Ironically, is about to be
married, and I did open up to her, I even offered to be her cleaning
person just to be around her, which I dont think was a good
idea(opening up to her I mean, shes taken). Any advice?

I know this is not the topic, but I decided to write it here because Im
beginning. Please help. Thank you for your time.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: TeaseQueen on October 08, 2009

Just got to say that this is the most useful site I have found for learning female domination etc, its great! I started a new relationship almost 12 months ago with a very submissive man who was already very experienced in the BDSM scene - he chased Me down and begged to have Me become his Mistress - i had never been involved in it before, but always felt very intrigued by that sort of thing and now that Im living this lifestyle Im loving it, never felt happier!

So thank you for this website, I have been on a steep learning curve trying to soak up as much information and ideas as I can! Keep them coming!

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: leather2laceu on October 16, 2009

I have been in the lifestyle for 11 years... You have great information for newbies and experienced Domme'..
I am a firm believer in research and knowledge.. I remember when I was new... I had a thirst for information and was directed by a Dom to spend at least 3 hours a week learning and talking with others in the life style.. He was my mentor whom I am forever greatful to for his guidence! I have grown in my journey.
I learned that the feelings I get when I control my sub's is undiscribable..when I walk in the room and my sub is there on his knees head down waighting for me.. is orgasmic to me.. impowering. Great site !
I will refer others to your site.. keep up the great work! Sincerely,
Mz Cover

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: bren2u_2007 on October 24, 2009

I have been looking for information on "rules/guidelines" of dominatrixing...basically the "consent forms" that the client signs that "exempts" the dominatrix from legal ramifications that may be brought forth from the client....A dominatrix had talked to me about that part of the business but I can never find info on that subject....please help email me at, bren

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: BBGSDOM on October 28, 2009

I am gaining more control and obedience from my sub who has many failings not least his total lack of comms which is essential as we live miles apart!! He must realise how important it is to ensure my training regime is followed, my sub is mature and wise but he is youthful in spirit any needs to be assured that his true inner self is as young and fit as his dom!! I ensure that he knows little of what is coming and one very fun aspect is seeing him kneel in all in his glory in front of me as I inspect him fully but do not allow him to touch me this makes the anticipation and power of what is to come all the more special for us both!! MY sub enjoys numerous whips, birches and canes and he is allowed to rub and lick my heels and stoocking clad legs as a sign of his worship. He is my only sub and has exclusive privleges which will ensure we continue to grow our relationship as ALL our fantasies and desires are reached. EVERY sub just wants to worship an all powerful, sexy confident dom in and out of her chamber and they are willing to receieve very harsh punishment. Equally my sub knows his dom will never go too far and ensures that ALL his sexual desires are satisfied and more which is why we can only enjoy our femdom journey together with all the trust and respect it brings. I will never go back to vanilla world now my sub is totally under my control!!
A VERY in control and satisfied dom.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Webmistress on November 12, 2009

Whoa folks! Most of these comments are wonderfully spicy, however if you have a new question to post, please put it in the right spot if you want to get any responses! Here you go: Ask questions!

And just so you know, we don't have answers regarding professional services as is stated in our terms of service.

We now return to your regular programming. Keep it spicy hot people! I LOVE it. .....licking my fingers...

Training Day - My First Attempet
Authored by: evrydaydrm on November 23, 2009

Marvelous! I read everything on this site and used the Training Day to do
my very first Dominatrix session with my boyfriend. I was able to find a
sexy teddy and not spend an arm and a leg. I had my boyfriend read the
letter suggested and go into the bathroom to get undressed while I lit
candles to set the "stage."

I also had my boyfriend clean my kitchen while I masterbated and told
him that he could watch occasionally as long as he got the task done
correctly. He got so hot while we played (and so did I) that he could
hardly hold himself together.

I told him that he had to learn control and that he was not to have an
orgasm while I was being his mistress, but after we were finished, when I
said it's time to stop for now, he couldn't hold it in and he came in my

We talked about that and decided that we had a good beginning session
and would just both have to learn to handle our control and obedience

I can't wait to do this again.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: MistressFyr on December 21, 2009

Had been flirting with a known Dom for a time, a chance encounter brought us together unexpectedly.. However, something even more unexpected came from this.... for both of us.. it seems this normally VERY Dom Sir has been brought to his knees a time or two by a select few.. he doesnt know what does it, but something distinctive about a particular female.. a trait or quaility that I seem to posesss because I suddenly found myself with a completely submissive slaveboy on my hands.. My body was whorshipped in ways it never had been before and I was blown away.. the only time the Dom in him came out was as he neared his own release and no sooner DID he, that he was back to his submissive (for me) self.. He has straight out told me that he is here to please me when ever, where ever and in whatever capacity I see fit.. he will be as discreet or open as I so chose..... Needless to say, I figured I had better brush up very quickly on just how to handle my newfound position with this man would be.. I actually have never even been a true submissive which is something he was aware of to begin with so perhaps that may have something to do with it.. Who knows? But i've found myself in such a wonderfully delicious position!!! Thank you for this website!! It already is such a big help to me!!

Very new but enthusiastic
Authored by: SophiaD on January 18, 2010

I am so glad I ran across this site in my research!
THANK YOU for all the time and effort you put into it.

I am an independent "companion" and all along, each time I
have been asked to be a dom, I decline and refer to my friend
who is a dom. She moved away, and I NEED to learn how to
do this and be good at it and LIKE IT! I have already made a
new "stage name" specifically for this so as not to lose the
client base I have built up under my other stage name who like
the gentle side of things.

This site is awesome!
In the little reading I have done thus far, I am starting to feel
excited about the change and I am sad that it has taken me
this long to get into it, but perhaps if I had thrown myself into
in my earlier years I would have totally sucked at it.

Much of what I will be doing will be long distance.

I am in AZ and I have potential clientel as far away as
Germany. This is going to be an awesome challenge and I am
excited to be learning and "perfecting" skills.



Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: KickEm on February 19, 2010

Ok, i dont know where to start.. my sub actually found me, and has said since the first time he spoke to me that i "am his perfect mistress".. i have never been a dom, i have no idea what im doing.. im unsure when to correct him, and when to praise him. any help would be great

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Mistress Lauren on February 20, 2010

I have always had a strong, dominant personality and this has always appealed to me as I have always been very dominant in the bedroom also. I wasn't really sure how to go about do all of this and I have to say, I stumbled across this website and don't think I would have ever taken the step to jump in without this whole section of "Training Day"... it was such a wealth of information!!! I met someone and he was interested in me dominating and humiliating him for the size of his cock. Now he and I are not in a romantic relationship but it appealed to me on many levels. I was very nervous about going about it so one day I asked him to meet me for coffee and I wanted him to go out shopping for me and bring me a beautiful bracelet and some lingerie. Well he showed up for coffee, with bag in tote and the look on his face, of his willingness to please me made it all so easy. So we made plans to get together at my house over the weekend. I will say again, I was very nervous but realized if I was nervous, I am sure he was EVEN MORE as he had never done anything like this. Before he arrived I put on a VERY hot outfit, fishnets that I had cut the feet out as to have my feet exposed and tied ribbons through the bottoms, hot shoes, teased up my hair, heavy on the makeup (as all suggested here) and enjoyed a drink while getting ready. He arrived with the collar and leash that I told him to bring and the look on his face, I knew this would be a piece of cake. It was a little awkward for the first 15 minutes, but we just sat and enjoyed a drink together and then I decided, if I didn't just jump in and get this all rockin' I was going to chicken out all together. So I decided I would sort of read him the riot act and tell him the rules and what I demanded of him: he wasn't to do anything unless he asked or I asked him to, I was to be referred to as Mistress and I wanted to be reminded at how lucky he was to be in my presence and on and on.... Once I told him to get on his knees and put his collar on him, the rest was like taking candy from a baby. I can't believe how comfortable the whole thing felt and just sort of flowed nicely. I had been concerned in the past about running out of things to say or do but I just kept in the back of my head to just take every VERY SLOW and draw the whole thing out.... I feel like I am such a good fit for this now and am so proud of myself that I took this step! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me. Thank you again Arena, I never could have done it without this website!

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: arachella on May 10, 2010

I feel completely lost......I want to purse being dominant with my guy (who completely is a sub) but he really wants me to verbally belittle and humiliate him for his lack of "size"...he is extremely small....and wants me to bring home other men who are large enough to satisfy me. I've verbally belittled him, but I feel like I'm repeating myself over and over. I know this seems stupid and like a cop out, but does anyone have any ideas of resources to help come up with ideas of what to say to a man who wants to be humiliated for having a tiny,

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: MistressSamantha on July 02, 2010

I learned my new boyfriend was a sub and was extremely excited to explore my Domme side. This scenario was perfect! At first, I was a little scared to show him who's boss (I'd never asserted myself to him before), but my mind was put at ease as he was on his knees, his hands bound and a collar around his neck, with a raging hard-on! The first time he said "Yes, Mistress," I was hooked. We will definitely be playing out more of these scenarios in the future.

My favorite moment was when I scolded him for leaving his clothes strewn in a pile next to the bed. I commanded him to get up and fold them neatly. It was quite satisfying to watch him try, with his hands tied behind his back!

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: ezwalker on July 23, 2010

My man was bad and went somewhere that he said he wouldn't go. I found out and made him sleep on the couch for a week. Now I want to punish him more, but I don't want to punish me and deprive myself of his giant manhood...what can I do to make him suffer for his sins and make him come back for more and more?

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: ezwalker on July 23, 2010

I know a guy like that. His name isn't Steve is it?

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: MistressBrenda on July 25, 2010

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I have a new man in my life who is totally into this, and I had no idea really how to start or where to go with it. But training day has helped me sooo much. Now I cant wait to see him!!!!!!

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Miss-Skarlet on November 23, 2010



I used your tutorial on "dont make a mess" where he had to hold up the glass which was "full" and not spill it as I teased and spanked him

To make it better I strted all this off by gettin ready in the shower room and once I was ready (without his any knoweldge what was occuring as I had told him to eat while I got ready) I left him a letter with a riddle in the bathroom, sneaked out of the house and left two letters in my local area. each letter had clues about where the next letter would be and the last letter led him to a secluded spot a public path that was dark and had vines coming across the pathway....ideal ambush place

there I made him kneel for me , despite it being in public, did you questioning tatics and told him he was my slave boy and to not speak a word ...proceeded to have him follow behind me in silence as we walked to the shop where brought all i wantd to the counter, including the wine, and then ordered him to pay..he made a comment and so i punished him right otside the shop on a main road where i made him kneel in the raod and once agan i questioned him ...despite people and cars going past...

Got him home, collerd him and proceeded with your tutoral on how not to make a mess


Mistress Skarlet

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Mistress_M on December 26, 2010

I cannot wait to try this on my sub. I was a sub prior, and now I am the one in control. This will be a great starting point.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: dsykora21@yahoo. on January 18, 2011

Love this one, instead of having him just remove his clothes I put a pair of my panties with the note and told him to put them on, it was absolutely great seeing him walk in my room wearing nothing but my panties.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Orchidberry77 on January 24, 2011

Ok.. My husband just recently opened up to me about the Dominatrix fantasies. We have been married for 4yrs and he was afraid if he told me I wouldn't love him. So not true! We played with little things that kinda brought this to light but now that I see he is very serious, I want this for him too. My biggest issue at this moment is getting a name if that makes sense. It's been harder than I figured trying to get something that fits us both. Any ideas on where to start?

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: vampiremama on January 26, 2011


Vampire mama♥

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: AnthonyWallace on March 09, 2011

good job

Eternal truths, even though they are eternal, require a constant reminder and affirmation.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Tara on May 26, 2011

Oh thank you! My husband recently outted himself to me and this
is just what I needed to get back to my old assertive self after
years of being out of the loop (where he really had to carry me).
This is one way I know I can pay him back with service and a

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: AmyBabez on June 24, 2011

Im completely new to this, my finacee has made several comments about me dominating him, which i do but i dont get as much pleasure from that so i beleive i need to make him my pet but unsure on how to make him my pet. any help?? thanks xx

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: gingersnapped on July 10, 2011

Can the internet be more perfect? Just what I was looking for... foundations for being a class act bitch... love your site.. thank you... let's get this play party started!

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: wickedlovely on July 19, 2011

so looking forward to my boyfriend's return so i can show him who's boss...simply tingling with excitement...

~so wicked~

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Mistress Clarity on July 20, 2011

I have been enjoying myself so much this afternoon going through and reading all the different things here. It's nice to be able to add to my list of ideas already.

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: Joy on September 18, 2011

Damn I wish I'd come across this site 3 years ago. My ex independent prowrestler hubby is a militantly vanilla closet sub. The only time he was interested in sex was the time I teased his ass and denied him for 2 weeks. I myself am a bipolar nymph and found myself begging HIM to no avail most of the time. If I begged him, he just wasnt interested. Thinking back now I *facepalm* and realize I could have made my bored golden god into my begging pet. oh well........ Ill be prepared for *next time* ;)

Thanks for the site!!! I am LEARNING SO MUCH!!!! :D

Training Day - Begin Here
Authored by: MistressLT on September 20, 2011

Okay totally new to this and need some advice asap! I have aquired a Foot Slave recently who loves to serve, I need ideals...

Training Day - Begin your Dominatrix journey Here
Authored by: mistressbeckie on February 22, 2012

had my first experience as a mistress today and want to thank you mistress blaze for all you tips

Training Day - Begin your Dominatrix journey Here
Authored by: MistressV on April 09, 2012

My partner and I both like dominating, and both like being
submissive. We switch it up a lot, but lately he's been Dom
more often, and I've been looking for a way to re-establish
Myself as Domme and get him on his knees and
submissive... the way I like him. This seems perfect. I'm a
little nervous but can't wait to try it.

I've always been a Domme naturally, but I enjoy being sub
from time to time and he's just as domineering as I am.
The man has a tendency to be cheeky and try and gain
control over Me when I'm Domme, though. Hopefully this
scene will make him more obedient.

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