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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 22, 2014
Music for Domination Mood: Immortal Game - Symbion Project    
Mind Your MusicThe perfect soundtrack for your next scene.

From the moment you hear the opening notes of "Immortal Game" from Boston based Symbion Project, you know that this is going to be "one of those" CDs. Deep bass, creepy, melodic keys and oddly spastic down-tempo beats combine into a sound that is mesmerizing. This is a great disc for setting up a bondage or spanking scene, but it's sensual feel and emotional undertones make it the ideal companion for any type of sexual exploration.

The opening track "Pawn To King" grabs you with tightly harmonized lyrics and nearly tangible beats. Both "Soft Tempest" and "Lithe and Tawny" swing out with a bit of hip-hop flair with tight bass and smooth R&B style melodies. "Lacrymosa" is a beautiful guitar and keyboard number that is sweet and so sensual that you can practically see the notes leaving your speakers.

Symbion Project has a newer disc entitled "Wound Up By God or the Devil", but for sheer sensuality, and scene making sexual energy, you can't go wrong with "Immortal Game".

To whom it may concern. Symbion Project's main man (as best I can tell) is Kassan Cooper, better known as "The Duke of Candied Apples" from Bostons quirky little synth-band Freezepop. Jump right in with "Science Genius Girl" or "Bike Thief". Two of the best synth pop songs ever recorded!)

You can download this album from Amazon (use above link) or you can also download it from iTunes. If you use iTunes, it's much faster to download it to your computer now, and then sync it to your ipod later. Follow this link:

Immortal Game - Symbion Project


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Music Selection: Immortal Game - Symbion Project
Authored by: Mistress_Blaze on November 12, 2007

Good work, my pet. But don't be too proud of yourself yet. You must work much harder if you expect to be rewarded.

Music for Domination Mood: Immortal Game - Symbion Project
Authored by: PEPPERSUNLITE on April 19, 2011

This is all new to me...but here is music that I feel would really work. Listening to it has always made me think of domination. ;)
Delerium...especially the song Twilight

Music for Domination Mood: Immortal Game - Symbion Project
Authored by: emo_sora101 on June 22, 2012

Serventj, which bad, in your opinion, is better for a new slave to listen to during a scene? The new Escape the fate album, or something like Metro Stations' Shake it? Or something else entirely?

Thank you for your time,

Music for Domination Mood: Immortal Game - Symbion Project
Authored by: Mistress Candy on July 08, 2012

Thanks servantj - on my iPod for my my first session coming up!

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