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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 23, 2014

Smoking Domination
Reader FictionI don't smoke and never have but I've had these insanely erotic fantasies, to me anyway, of being dominated by a woman who smoked. There are many such manifestations of these fantasies for me. Here is one for your thoughts and consideration...

I had known Dianna for several years. We met on the day I entered the boutique for a hair cut. A friend had recommended this establishment and I was silently thanking him when I first saw her. She was striking when I first saw her. Tall and elegant, her green eyes, framed by strawberry blonde hair. There were subtle freckles across her nose. Her makeup was subtle but evident. She had an amazing body that she loved showing off. I was extremely attracted to her. After several years we became friends. We shared our lives stories and often spent time well beyond our appointments. She often scheduled my appointment last in the day and we'd talk for an hour as she closed up the shop.

Eventually I shared parts of myself that I didn't often share. The need to be dominated by a strong woman. She smiled when I revealed this but I also saw that it piqued her interest. She knew I didn't smoke but I knew that she did. I confided in her that I thought a smoking woman was strong and I found the entire thing erotic. We were alone in the shop, she reached for her purse. She withdrew a long white cigarette and lit it, tossing the lighter to her purse and sitting back looking at me. I was instantly became aroused and fought to hide the erection growing in my shorts. She looked in my eyes and smiled, she was enjoying the power she held over me and I became comfortable releasing control to her... I let my hands fall back from my lap. My erect cock was clearly evident and she smiled. We continued talking, ignoring the intense sexual tension between us, soon she closed the shop up and we went home.

Returning home I was unable to control myself... the scent and sight of her was more than I could stand and I relived myself several times that Friday evening.

My next haircut was not for several weeks and my head was still spinning the next day. She exuded such control and power. It was nonintoxicating and completely overwhelming. The shop was closed on Monday so I was surprised when she called me at work and asked if I could meet her at the shop. She offered no explanation and I didn't request one. It was 1pm... we were set to meet there at 9pm. It was going to be a very long afternoon.

Arriving at the shop I noticed that the door was locked but there were lights on. She noticed my arrival and met me at the door, unlocking it for me. She was stunning. Her makeup was not 'daytime normal' but rather was dark and seductive. She was wearing bright red lipstick. Her heels were atleast 3 inches and she was wearing a tight pencil skirt, white satin blouse that was thin enough to allow me to see her bra through the thin fabric. She locked the door behind us and took my hand and led me to the back room.

There was a sofa in the back and she told me to sit down. "I know what you want" she said to me as I sat there. She reached for her purse and removed a cigarette but did not light it. Sitting on my lap, she slowly let her weight stimulate my cock. She handed me the lighter and turned back towards me. "Light it" she whispered. I did as I was told and risked letting my free hand find her breast. She arched her back and inhaled deeply and then stood. "Take off your shorts", I did as I was told. My cock sprang forward finally free from my clothing. "What do you want?" she asked me. "I want to please you" was my simple reply. She pulled up her skirt revealing her bare pussy and walked towards me. She pulled my head forward and my face found her lower belly as she stood there, legs slightly apart. I started by slowly kissing and revering her pussy. It's hairless lips felt good on my mouth. She moaned and let me know when I was pleasing her. After several minutes she came. She shook as she came, dropping her cigarette, and a small amount of fluid gushed from her... I was happy to have pleased her.

"Your turn, my pet" she said to me. Walking to the other side of the room she brought her purse to the sofa and sat, once more, upon my lap. This time facing me. Her warm juices still covered her thighs and my erect cock found her warm, wet pussy. The satin from her blouse brushed my chest and my face nestled within her neck. I was completely enveloped by her. Her warmth, softness and scent filled my head. Pushing me back from her, she used her pelvis to grind slowly against my cock. She paused briefly to reach for her purse and once more took out a cigarette, "Light me" she said. I did as I was told. She arched her back and smoked while I pleasured her, and myself. The sight of her above me was more than I could handle and she could sense my coming orgasm. She inhaled and then, leaning forward, pressed her lips to mine. The foreign taste and smell drove me wild as I met my orgasm.

Pulling back from me she continued to smoke as she instructed me on where to find wash clothes and towels that I may clean her.

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