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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 25, 2014

My Pleasure, His Punishment: Controlling My Own Orgasm
Reader Fiction There he was. My slave, naked, shackled hands over his head, begging forgiveness and pleading to release. his bottom was deep red from the feel of My crop. his throbbing penis, became My next target. I placed clothes pins on his ball sack and then began running the tip of My switch up and down the underside of his fully erect dick. The tease was swiftly followed by quick, sharp, stinging, taps finding their mark on My submissive's testicles and cock. his increasingly desperate and pathetic pleas for permission to cum moved Me not at all.

How could a day begun with so much promise end so very badly for him? he had violated the cardinal rule of a Dom/sub relationship by attempting to retrieve some power, long since transferred to Me. It took months of concentrated indoctrination before My pet had accepted that complete shift of control. In a moment of weakness driven by ego, he had put all that training at risk. There would be no orgasm for him. The sub's day ended with a reddened ass, and painfully engorged penis.

I'd spent many hours training this slave to perform in ways that provide for My complete sexual satisfaction. When meeting My high expectations he's been rewarded. When those expectations are not fully met he's been punished. On that fateful day he failed. Even worse, the sub assumed he'd succeeded.

I enjoy midday play times and have an established routine that must be followed precisely. That warm summer's afternoon began very well.

All the correct steps were taken. My submissive, following a vigorous morning workout, had showered, and was completely shaven. Upon My arrival home, the slave was wearing loose fitting athletic shorts, and no underwear. he made My favorite drink and readied a bath. My plaything began searching the internet for the kinds of adult videos I find most arousing. he focused on tapes where men's faces are fully exposed and they cum hard inside the woman. For My part, I bathed, smoked, and donned a leopard skin robe before joining him at the computer.

The scenario was playing out perfectly, until My unwanted, premature climax. I came too soon, but it was his fault.

The video was extraordinary. It had everything I demanded. The man and woman were buff, attractive, and very, very, hot. The male's expressions were incredibly provocative. He seemed caught between feelings of agony and ecstasy. I knew the finish would be spectacular. I began as always, standing in front of the screen, positioned before of My submissive, who was seated. As the film played, I opened the robe just enough to allow My fingers access to My clitoris. The slave, growing increasingly swollen, watched intently, awaiting permission to start My massage.

I nodded for him to begin. Under My tutelage he has become quite expert at using his fingers in the most erotic and arousing ways. The touches, stroking, and massaging were especially exciting this day and he knew it. I was soaking wet.

Next, he eagerly awaited My call for his tongue. I saw he was erect. The man in the video was lying behind his lover. Her legs were spread, and his powerful, rapid thrusts were as visible as the look of genuine, joyous frenzy on both their faces. The slave had done well. Time for his reward. I motioned for him to kneel before Me.

I was unbelievably sensitive. It's like I was on fire. I felt his lips on mine. His tongue circled My swollen clit. Next, ever so gently, his teeth probed and stretched Me. he sucked Me into his mouth. My legs tightened, muscles twitching.

This sub knew I was about to climax before I wanted. Having previewed the video he was well aware the man wasn't ready to cum yet. My toy also knew I wanted to reach orgasm at the exact point the male lover exploded inside his lady. It's very erotic for Me to cum with the hot male lead in these videos. I get off on it.

Overcome by a moment of weakness, no doubt fueled by misplaced pride, the slave continued with his teeth, lips, and tongue. he gently spread Me with his thumbs, and I instantly erupted in his mouth. The climax was so powerful I could no longer stand. Laying on the floor, my head spinning, and legs spread wide, I felt his every touch. The orgasm seemed endless.

While the submissive was greatly pleased with himself, I was not. he'd exercised power not granted him by his Mistress. For that he'd have to pay a very heavy price. My pet needed to understand his dick, balls, lips, fingers, tongue, even his mind, were there to serve at My pleasure only.

There would be absolutely NO reversal of power at ANY level in our Dom/sub relationship. Hence, he needed to be severely disciplined. Desperately wishing to remain fully in My service, he took his punishment and vowed to never repeat his mistake again.

The lesson was simple. his Mistress would be driven to climax, ONLY at a time of her own choosing. That time would be when the stud, male lead in a chosen adult video can be seen clearly cumming uncontrollably inside his willing, and equally aroused female sex mate. That's a scene that really gets me off. That's when I want to cum.

Still need help?  Try the Mistress Manual or Rock His World with a Leather Outfit

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My Pleasure, His Punishment: Controlling My Own Orgasm
Authored by: Tiger_69 on November 12, 2012

Very nice, how do I sign up for that program? :-P

My Pleasure, His Punishment: Controlling My Own Orgasm
Authored by: jteazer on November 12, 2012

Read your Silent Seduction piece Tiger. Seems like you already signed up:).

A woman exploring her own power

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