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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 25, 2014

Reader FictionMy favorite Bitch goes to the showers. I follow and begin to pound on the door.

He opens the door, “Yes Mistress? He questions with a smile.

I push him backwards and step in. I lock the door behind me. He is glistening with wetness from the shower as his rock hard cock juts out in front of him.

“Who does your body belong to?” I snarl.

“My body belongs to you Mistress.”

“What is your safe word?” I ask

“Green,” he says.

“Get on your knees and remove my shoes. He obeys. Now unzip my denim skirt.” He obeys. Such a good Bitch I have. I order him to lay down on his back and I straddle him. I begin to pee on him, His favorite part; he’s been waiting for this. His fantasy fulfilled. When I am finished I order him to kneel again. I peel my urine soaked panties off and order him to open his mouth. I shove the wadded panties inside his mouth and whisper in his ear “That’s so no one hears you whimper.” He whines. I order him to take the hairbrush out of my bag and hand it to me. His eyes go wide with fear. I stroke his head and ask again. “What is your safe word?”

A muffled “Green” escapes from his gagged mouth, just enough for me to hear.

I nibble and lick his neck and promise to take care of him. I always do. He is the best Bitch ever.
I take ultimate pleasure in spanking his ass until the redness is dark enough and I am sure he will get a hard on when he sits down tomorrow. When I am satisfied he knows his place. I order him to remove the strap-on from my bag. I remove the gag from his mouth

“What is your name?” I ask.

“Bitch” he replies.

Who does your body belong to?

“My body belongs to you Mistress.”

I put on the strap on with the huge cock. I grab him by the hair and force my big cock down his throat. I tell him how to suck it. My pussy gets wetter and wetter just from having him obey. I order him on all fours and *censored* him up the ass with my cock. I leave the cock imbedded in his ass and order him to walk back to our campsite that way.

He pleads with me not to make him have to walk in public that way. I do not allow him to get away with it. When we arrive in our camper I lay down on the bed and make him lick my pussy until I am thoroughly satisfied. He is so good at it. I do not even need to direct him any more. I order him to lay on his back. With my dildo still buried in his ass I mount his hard shaft.

As I begin to ride him I can tell his control is breaking. I begin to climax and allow him to explode inside of me as I grab his thighs in my fists. We orgasm together, its so powerful. As we drift off to sleep I start thinking about our next adventure together.

Still need help?  Try the Mistress Manual or Rock His World with a Leather Outfit

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