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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 25, 2014

No Longer Vanilla
Reader FictionI had my bag of trix… He asked for me to dominate the situation yet we were both entering uncharted waters. For over 3 years of our relationship we shared subtle fantasies, but never expected to have the adventure we dreamed about. How would he receive the scene I prepared? I spent days mentally preparing myself, I could do this and I could do it well. The time had arrived, no backing out now. We checked into the hotel. I ordered him to take off all his clothes and kneel in front of me. I lit some candles, vanilla. I smiled knowing nothing would ever be vanilla for us again…

I slid the spiked, leather collar out of the bag and turned to him. There he stood completely naked with his huge hard on. I licked my lips. God, how I love to suck on that huge cock. He smiled.

“Don’t smile at me. Bitch! Get on your knees!” I stated firmly.

“Yes Mistress, as you wish.” he whispered as he knelt down.

I asked. “What is your name?”

“Bitch.” he whispered.

“What is my name?”

“Mistress” he whispered.

“What is your Safe Word?” I asked.

“Green” he says.

I gently tease his balls with the collar, his cock gets harder and I can see the bead of pre-cum glistening on the tip of it as it throbs in front of me. I ache to lick it off. I ask “Who does your body belong to?”

“You Mistress.” he whispers again as I see him struggle to keep his composure.

I stop and move away. He reaches to touch my ass “Don’t touch me! You did not ask permission! You were not granted a request! You may not touch me until I order you!”

His eyes glance downward, he whispers “Yes Mistress.”

I stand behind him and crack the collar across his ass. He flinches; I smile and crack his ass with the leather collar again.

I tell him he cannot be trusted to follow orders. I take out the leash and attach it to his collar.

I ask him again, “Who does your body belong to?”

“You, Mistress,” He replies.

“You took too long to answer me!” I whip him across the ass with the leash. His moans and Ows make me so wet.

I ask him again, “Who does your body belong to?”

“You, Mistress,” He says this time through clenched teeth.

I order my Bitch to kneel on all four on the floor. I retrieve the four quarters from my bag. I kneel in front of him and make me look me in the eyes.

“I’m going to change into something more comfortable. You will stay in this position. If you move, I will know it because these quarters will fall. Then you will be punished. If you do not move I maybe I will reward you. Do you understand me Bitch?”
“Yes Mistress, as you wish,” He trembles.

I kiss him. Our tongues dancing together so perfectly, I know I could melt into his arms right then and there. I stop and walk behind him. I tease his cock with the leash. Then I crack the back of his thighs with it. I can see him wince in the mirror. I smile and whip him again. Then I place the pile of quarters on his back.

I warn him sternly. Don’t move, or else you WILL be punished severely!

“Yes Mistress,” is all I hear as I grab the bag of trix and go into the bathroom.

I’m trembling as the adrenaline rushes through my body. It is everything I have ever dreamed of so far. But can I look the part? I weigh more than I want to, I can’t wear the “*censored* me now” shoes cause they don’t make them in my size… I wonder briefly, Will he think I’m sexy or stupid? I strip naked and start to get into my gear, no turning back now. The white lace thigh high stockings go first, then the metallic mesh top with a woven chain and leather belt. Finally, I don the leather crotch-less dildo harness. I admire the huge cock I am wearing, wondering if my Bitch will be able to handle being *censored*ed up the ass by this thing jutting out from me. Such a day of firsts for both of us.

I walk back into the room. There is my gloriously naked Bitch on all fours, collar on leash hanging beside him, quarters stacked high on his back. I’ve got him under my spell already;)
I give him a little bit of praise. “Oh Bitch, you were such a good boy. I am very proud of you. Kneel up.”

He kneels up and I see that throbbing cock standing at attention, pleading for my attention. I lick my lips and it bounces. I kneel in front of my Bitch and ask him, “Who does your body belong to?”
“It belongs to you Mistress.”

I wrap the leash around the base of his cock and pull it tight. He winces. I smile and lean forward to lick the tip of it. Teasingly I kiss the base by the leash and lick it up and down avoiding the tender tip that is begging for me. I stand up and release the cock. I order him on all fours again and stand in front of him. I push my cock in his face and order him to lick it. He obeys. I order him to suck it. He obeys. I order him to stop. He obeys. I walk behind him and smack his ass with my hand. I ask him if he enjoyed sucking my cock.

“Yes Mistress.”

I whip him some more and tell him now he is going to know what it is like to be *censored*ed up the ass by a cock. I squeeze the lubricant on my hand and dildo. I massage his asshole with the lube and enter it with my finger. He clenches, I laugh.

“You like to *censored* me up the ass, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Who does your asshole belong to?”

“It belongs to you Mistress.”

“Who is going to *censored* you hard?”

“You are Mistress.”

I whip him with the leash a few more times and enter him with my dildo. Such power as I thrust into him from behind. I talk dirty to him the whole time asking how he likes it and how I know he likes to bury himself deep inside me, so how does he like it. As I *censored* him hard I whip his thighs.

My pussy is dripping by this point. I am so horny that my own desire is unable to be ignored. I withdraw and massage his ass a bit and then whip him a bit just because I feel like it.

I lay on the edge of the bed holding the dildo in my hand and order him to lick my pussy. I tell him exactly how I like it and he makes me cum twice before I let him stop. I take the dildo off. I tell him to insert the tip of his penis into me and then I order him not to move. I feel him tremble with restraint and remind him he cannot cum until I allow him to. I ask him if he has a request.

“Yes Mistress,” he breathes heavily.

“What is your request Bitch?”

“I want to plunge my cock deep inside you, Mistress.”


“Because it’s my favorite place to be, Mistress.”

I want nothing more than for him to *censored* me hard right now. So I say, “You may *censored* me deep and slowly. All the way in and all the way out until you make me cum. But you may not cum. Do you understand Bitch?”

“As you wish Mistress,” He rasps at me.

As my Bitch *censored*s me ever so slowly I talk dirty to him and can tell his restraint is cracking as I begin to ride the huge wave of orgasm. As my body clenches and juices his cock I can tell he is having a difficult time holding back. I love it. I ask him if he would like to cum and he pleads, “Yes Mistress.”

“You may not, now get out of me and lay on the bed hands behind your head.”

I massage his body from head to toe with my lips. Making sure I avoid his cock and balls. I want him to ache for me so badly he begs for what he wants.

I pull a strand of beads out of the bag and wrap them around his rock hard shaft a few times. I begin to massage his cock with the beads. The tip of his head is swollen and it pulsates as I stroke his length. I bend forward and lick the tip, circling my tongue slowly around his entire head. I begin to suck on him in rhythm with my stroking. I order him to grab fistfuls of my hair while I suck him. God I love how he pulls my hair while I suck his huge cock. I smack his thighs while I suck he moans. I double wrap the strand of beads around his balls, I cross them at the base of his cock and pull them tight, he cringes and groans. I continue to suck his cock taking the whole length of him deep into my throat. I moan while he is deep in there because I know it drives him wild. I tell him he can make any request he wants. “Please Mistress, Let me come down your throat.” “No Bitch.” I tell him.

I stop sucking his cock and straddle him. The beads are wrapped around his balls and cock and I hold the ends of the strand in front of my pussy. I order him to talk dirty to me and let me know when he is ready to cum. As I begin to ride him the beads rub my clit and I quickly soar towards orgasm AGAIN! As he is ready to join me I stop and order him to *censored* me from behind. I release the beads and he tries to enter me. He has *censored*ed me dry already. He grabs the lube and tries again. Perfect. I order him to talk dirty to me while he *censored*s me and tell me how much he likes *censored*ing me. He obeys again. I make him beg before I allow him to cum. I love the sounds he makes as he reaches climax and explodes inside me. As we collapse on the bed he whispers, “Mistress, Please get this collar off of me.”

“Yes Bitch,” I obey.

As we lay there he tells me that he thought I would chicken out and not go through with it. I just smile and tell him next time I will have to punish him for not having faith in me. He smiles too.
We dress to go back to our other lives.

He texts me later…Thank you Mistress. Our afternoon was more than I ever could have wished for…I can’t wait for next time.

Still need help?  Try the Mistress Manual or Rock His World with a Leather Outfit

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No Longer Vanilla
Authored by: masstiff7 on January 31, 2013

When my mistress finaly lets me cum in that beautiful pussy she lets me have desert by eating out her Cream Pie.

What a tasty delight.

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