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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 21, 2014

Height and Dominance
Reader Q & AI have a question obviously, but before I get into that....I just wanted to thank you so much for having this site :) It's been incredibly helpful to me as I begin to explore the world of femdom, and I'm grateful to you for such helpful resources. :)

My boyfriend and I were both virgins before each other, and while we both knew we had an interest in femdom even before each other, we are only just starting to explore it. We have a close, loving relationship, and live together. We are both interested in a more mild form of femdom that never involves pain. He is very good and willing to submit to me in sexual aspects despite being older than I am and holding the traditional male role in the romantic aspect of our relationship. That's how we both want it and we're an impossibly perfect match.

Now for the problem...

I'm very short. I also have a small figure. My legs are curvy and very attractive as I believe my body in its entirety to be (I can be quite vain), but not terribly busty at a smallish b cup. My boyfriend is nine inches taller than me and somewhat on the chubby side, which is exactly what I like (yum...), to the point of not allowing him to work out more than a certain amount.

Essentially, he is much larger than me. I also look very very young for my age, and my voice is high and girlish despite being in my 20s, and incapable of sounding sultry or even somewhat low. I'm certainly attractive and have modeled before, but.....I'm not attractive in the femdom sense in my opinion. Essentially, I look more like a lolli than a dom.

Do you know ways for smaller women to dominate larger men? Ways for girlish women to seem sultry? Any advice at all for someone starting their femdom journey?

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Height and Dominance
Authored by: Andrew on August 14, 2012

Dear Mistress Ryn,

I am happy to tell you I think you have no problem at all. I find it very
exciting to imagine being dominated by a smaller, younger woman, and
I bet your guy does too. Imagine how much more submissive we feel
when we think to ourselves "here's a woman I could easily overpower or
have my way with, who in any other setting would be taking orders from
me. And yet here I am, the one kneeling in front of her. I know, and she
knows, that her size and age are irrelevant -- all she has to do is say a
word and I will obey." It's just psychologically more potent. So, have
confidence in yourself, and enjoy!

Height and Dominance
Authored by: k.martine on October 29, 2012

Dear Mistress Ryn,

My husband is 14" taller than I am! He's twice my weight.

For us, the thrill of D/s is psychological. If I order him to do something, he happily complies!

Because his job is stressful and he has a lot of responsibility, he enjoys when we "play" and I have complete control. I think we both get an extra rush from the size difference because I'm using my brain to establish dominance. I don't have to be big or strong -- I just have to be confident and know what makes him tick.

Good luck!

Height and Dominance
Authored by: Newlover on July 16, 2013

It's a turn on when a domme is confident and in control of her man. Be
less judgmental of yourself and lose yourself into the role. Practice
makes perfect. Good luck.

Extremely new, Need Tips & guidance
Authored by: MistressAli on August 12, 2013

I am new to the whole domination world. Though I have read about it,
fantasize about it, I don't know where to start. I have a friend that
actually gets paid for what they do and want to know how to become
worthy or their stature. I have asked for a personal photo shoot with my
friend and am looking for advice tips or anything I can do to look the
part (CONFIDENCE WISE) I am soo worried! I want to be the one on his/
her mind. But just need directions.

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