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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 25, 2014

From Boyfriend to Sub
Reader FictionMy girlfriend and I have been together for some time now. When we first met, she let me ride her, and even enact some of my more extreme fantasies on her. Over time, though, she started to change-in a good way. It was very subtle, but my girlfriend was becoming more dominant.

I suppose it began in the second year of our relationship. We were lying together in bed, when suddenly she jumped on me and started *censored*ing me. Of course, by the end I was on top and she was subject to my demands, but it was clear she had started the sex when she wanted to. it built up from there, and within a few months, she wouldn't let me ride her, unless she gave express permission. I didn't complain, as it was extremely pleasurable and I found I enjoyed the feeling of being under a woman.

My girlfriend wanted to take it further, though. very quickly, her mass of femdom objects grew and grew. It started with a simple pair of manacles, which she coerced me into wearing, and then gave me a blowjob for my cooperation. Later I found this was her way of introducing new objects-bring them with a treat.

It wasn't just our bedroom life that changed. Although the change was less instant and dramatic as in the bedroom, I found myself doing most of the chores and giving into her with most decisions. She had me cooking, cleaning and washing the car all after I had come home from work. one of her first true Dominatrix moments came during my chores. While we were still in the experimental stage of femdom, and my chores were starting to increase, I protested. She was infuriated. She berated me, and hit me once around the face before telling me to clean her boots after my original chores-a precursor to bootlicking, it seems!

The turning point for me from being a boyfriend to a slave came unsuspectingly on a weekend. We had booked to stay in a remote house in the middle of nowhere, and we were both looking foward to it;for different reasons though. As soon as we walked through the door of the house, she turned from my girlfriend to my Mistress. She forced me to the ground, and ripped my clothes off before facesitting me, right there in the hallway. I licked her out eagerly and with skill, as more and more my girlfriend/mistress was focusing our sex towards my oral service to her. When she was done, she told me to put away all of the clothes for the weekend, strip naked and be prepared for her in the bedroom. I was going to protest, but then I remembered that she was straddling me, and could probably hold me there long enough for me to submit. I grudgingly followed her orders.

After I had done all of the tasks, I was waiting meekly in the bedroom for my new Mistress's arrival. When she did, I was shocked. My Mistress was good looking anyway, but the tight leather catsuit and the dominant way she held herself amplified that by a million. I was so mesmerised by her attractive body, I didn't do anything until she grabbed me and turned my head to look at hers. 'Kiss my boots.' she demanded, simply and without explanation. She was wearing knee high ones, with a huge heel, desgined to make me feel small and insignificant in front of her. I instantly got onto my knees and started licking and kissing.

And that was just the beginning.

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