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 October 22, 2014

I Tricked my chastized sissy husband!!
Reader Q & AGoing on a year or so, while eating lunch at a posh bar/grill downtown, i met a "lady".. We chatted over a couple cocktails for a few hours.. We exchanged phone numbers and became friends.. Over the first few weeks she learned of my relationship, and i learned of her gender.. I of course am Domme, with my sissy slave/husband, chastised 24/7 (unless i want him unlocked for my pleasure) and daily wearing of lingerie.. lol.. , She is a transsexual, very passable.. she looks like a genetic woman..

Unknowingly to my slave, he was unaware of her gender until about 3 months ago.. I would have her over for dinner, cocktails and a movie every Friday night. while my slave would provide the food and drink, chastised and dressed.. during the movie I made him our foot rest and massage.. lol.. this went on for a few months... in the mean time i would punish my slave, keep him in line with my strap-on and numerous other activities, especially after (i made previous thread) "caught my slave/husband playing with himself.. what shall i do?, my devious mind couldn't come up with anymore punishment, so while i made him suck my strap-on, i threatened him with words of " do you like sucking cock? Don't you wish mine was real? (he answered no) so I would shove it deeper and harder.. lol..

So about 4 months ago, my friend finally sold her house and didn't want to buy another.. so i offered her a room at my house, as i have plenty of room.. she accepted.. now she only works 20hrs a week, and i do not work at all.. my slave owns his(mine) business and only works 40hrs.. my friend is not required to pay anything to my household, as my slave pays it all.. lol.. Now every Friday night has turned into dinner/cocktail/movie, my friend sleeping in bed with me (with no sex)and my slave sleeping on the floor..

So about 3 months ago I was feeling mighty wicked!! Friday night came..we did our usual.. , but me and my friend wanted to play.. now remember my slave is still unaware of her gender.. during his cleaning of the kitchen, we both dressed and she met me in my bedroom.. i called for him to finish promptly and come to my room.. he came in, and saw us sitting on the bed.. as he knows his place, directly in front of us he knelt, and smiled... Ooops!! he shouldn't have smiled because he had no clue... after making him worship my ass i made him kneel at the foot of the bed.. making him watch as my friend licked me until i came!! now this is the 1st sexual experience we have had.. my slave was so tuned on and in pain from his trying hard on, restrained from his cb-6000 chasity, wanted to join in and make it a

So the nice Mistress Wife i am, let him...i told him to close his eyes.. i told him I'm getting my strap-on and be prepared to suck it!! at the same time i put it on, my friend undressed, revealing her cock and breasts, and sexy feminine body!! after a quick dance from myself waving my strap-on in his face, my friend shook her booty in his face not revealing her herself, then went to his backside grabbed his head, opened his mouth and i shoved my strap-on in his mouth. lol.. as he swallowed it i reminded him of "playing with himself" and threatening a real cock.. after a few minutes of this my friend and i switched places.. she teased him her ass as i stood behind him with my strap-on resting on his shoulder.. i asked my slave "do you want to suck her?" he replied an excited "yes"... my friend and i both laughed and i said "ok".. she turned around right in his face with her cock about an inch from his mouth.. now if he wasn't kneeling, he woulda fell over!.. lol.. i felt his body "jump" when she turned round.. i grabbed his chin and opened his mouth (not that it already wasn't hitting the floor).. lol.. and told him to suck her.. of course having so much practice with me sucking my strapon, he was good, and made her cum rather quickly, and swallowed it all, like a good slave!!.. but afterward he gagged, so (in a previous post) i opened his wallet and took $100.. but gave it to my friend... after i tricked him, i didn't know how he would respond,.. but as of until now the 3 of us have played every Friday and all is good!! (except the gagging donation) lol...

...Was it wrong for me to trick him like that? ;-)

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I Tricked my chastized sissy husband!!
Authored by: Mistress Isis on February 20, 2011

I loved reading your post!! I am new to the site and have been reading and reading but had to respond to your post!! I don't think it was "bad" or "wrong" to do that to your slave/husband. You're in charge... what you say, GOES! Apparently, he isn't having any issues with it or wouldn't comply every week. Good for you and good luck! (BTW - your post also turned me on!!)

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