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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 24, 2014

How to Dominate My Husband
Reader Q & AMy husband wants me to dominate him. What do I do?


Well, Hon, it's like this, you came here to learn how to dominate your husband, which means you want to learn to become a dominatrix! Inflict a little pain on him - without "really" hurting him, dress like a sexy bitch, do whatever you want! Be a control freak and have him worship you for it.

But you need some ideas to get you started. You've come to the right place...

Start with this article: How to be a dominatrix


Still need help?  Try the Mistress Manual or Rock His World with a Leather Outfit

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How to Dominate My Husband
Authored by: assoc1 on November 19, 2010

first of all, do YOU want to dominate your husband? Maybe,
you don't even know !! BUT, I would say , the Golden rule
is even if you try this out to please him if YOU enjoy
it , turn everything around and gear everything towards
Your hubby will LOVE YOU even more. You don't have to
suddenly turn into the bitch from hell although on some
level he may have fantasized about this or similar.
With so little info on your relationship, it's quite difficult to give
advice without making some errors but here goes.

WIFE LED MARRIAGE) , the first place to start is by
knowing what 'buttons' to press that excite your hubby.

You must already be aware of some of them.

One of the best ways to find out more is to simply ask him
BUT if you 'ask' him whilst YOU are reclining on your bed
on a dozen pillows almost in a sitting position and his
tongue is worshipping your Very Womanhood his head
between your thighs ---- you can ask him lovingly what
things turn him on AND if YOU like them too you can let
him know as you smile DOWN at him teasingly.

If I may, can I give you a condensed example?

Lara, my wife spoke to me gently

"hubby I LOVE it when you're hard at work with your
face between my legs. I want to take my time before I
orgasm, so I want to ask you some questions while you lick
me AND I DON'T want you to stop licking so just
delve deeper inside me for 'YES' or for 'NO' suck my clit
once AND if you REALLY LOVE what I'm saying I want
your tongue DEEP in my ASS OK ?"

my tongue agreed as She grinned widely.

Lara proceeded to ask me about what I loved about her face,
her hair, her body what she wore etc.....

Most of this, she knew already, but she took great pleasure
in saying it to my face.
Then, she lit up a cigarette, and my tongue went deep into
her ass.

" OOH you like that hubby?" " would you like it if I was
sipping champagne or maybe I was on the phone or
THERE ?!!"
I thrust my tongue deep inside her rectum as SHE
HOWLED with glee.

Over the next few weeks, I told her how much it turned me on
when she teased and taunted me just by seeing her in high
heels etc... and she said that she enjoyed that all my
attention was on her. One evening, she asked me if there
was anything that WOULD turn me off.
I answered
"if I ever saw you ironing or scrubbing a floor"

Lara beamed down at me, as I massaged her feet.

"OH HUBBY, you're the best! You make me feel like a
Queen AND hubby what I love the MOST is that I
don't feel ANY GUILT at all I feel FREE !!!"
I gazed up at her joy
"LARA I'm YOUR hubby BUT YOU aren't my wife,

Hope this gives you some ideas

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