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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 22, 2014

New punishment ideas? - for long distance domination
Reader Q & AI am currently learning how to be a Dominatrix and have found a willing sub and I have to say I am loving it so far. I did not really have a clue where to start but found this site and read it all before beginning. I found it the most helpful thing to me yet, so thank you.

My problem is not only am I new, but my sub is as well PLUS he lives miles away from me. I have read the Q&As on long distance and telephone domination and am grateful for the help there. Can anyone offer anything further. Given we are quite restricted I fear the novelty will wear off and there is a chance I can put this into practice in person with him soon, so don't want to ruin it.

So far I made a list of rules he is to to obey to daily, i.e. no playing himself, or looking at my pics, and I have issued punishments such as not letting him release until I say so etc. Also correcting him if he addresses me wrongly etc. I used Training Day ideas the best I could via long distance but I am running out of things fast. Basically I need more punishment ideas. Or other things I can make him do for me.

He is even into the chastity belt idea which I might surprise him with should we meet and take the key home with me, etc.

Any help would be appreciated from anyone. Thank you.


I am republishing this story with a current date in order to get a few more responses. This is a common question on the site and has unique challenges. I caution new dommes about letting him view you via web cam use unless you really trust your sub. There are many privacy and safety issues where this is concerned. Outside of that, you can do many things you can do to reward/punish/control him using the phone, email and text. You can order him to do things and then as reward you can order him to imagine you in certain situations while he masturbates to your instructions. If you use email, I recommend you get a separate account so that you don't accidentally hit that "send" button before you realize it just went to everyone at your office. Take care. I can't wait to see what advice my wonderful readers will post below......

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New punishment ideas?
Authored by: BBGSDOM on September 16, 2009

My Sub is about to experience his own chastity belt so yes go home with the key and remind your sub who's control he is under. The control of ALL your sub's sensations and orgasms is part of the brilliant world of being a dom and an obedient and dutiful sub will worship serve and obey his dom like no other woman he has ever met!! Long distance does NOT curtail training not punishment and discuss your own fantasies and you will grow stronger and more in control than ever- enjoy!

New punishment ideas?
Authored by: BBGSDOM on November 06, 2009

Mistress G as a fellow long distance Dom you must firstly stay patient! It is VERY frustrating not to be able to punish our subs more often but no doubt this will change, however this does not mean that you can exert huge amounts of control.
Some ideas include:
Send sub readings and ask him to reply- I recently sent my sub a list of questions which resulted in a VERY obedient reply which proves my training is working.
My SUb is tasked with looking after and training his cock to get bigger and produce more creamy @@M for me again, I KNOW he is progressing with dialy updates and he even tastes it now to ensure it is up to scratch for his demanding dom!
- Make him take pictures in panties which you guy him- my sub looks particulary awesome in his open front black panties when his cock is at his most splendid for me
- My sub is changing his look in daily life and again his pics ensure I can monitor this, as his dom I am doing the same to ensure I look even sexier in daily life although this does mean some increased attention from other lesser subs! SUb knows he is the lucky one though!!!
- Finally make him paint his toes nails, out a tattoo on and yes the chastity device will ultimately ensure that his special cock is ONLY accessed with your authority
I now authorise and enable my sub to enjoy his daily training with pics and videos which include instructions and words to him....
So there are plenty of ways to keep an obedient sub mindful of your powers and in some ways remote domination is VERY satisfying as their submission is total and absolute, I love and trust my sub with his training and all he WILL do for his dom.
An in control Dom!

New punishment ideas? - for long distance domination
Authored by: Nikisub on June 28, 2012

Long distance can be hand to manage and takes a lot of
imagination to keep it going for any amount of time. I am a
male sub, Owned and in a long distance relationship with my
Mistress. Yes, there have been some struggles but even after
years of service we are still 110% dedicated to 'us'.
So here are a few tips/ideas that I have found aided our
relationship so far.

Tasks: are a big part of my submission, this would involve a
set of pics or a movie even where I would have to act out her
request. (This of course providing that you trust each other
enough to pass delicate images). Tasks would range from
poses or enacting a role to telling an erotic story even.
Tasks also included photographing or filming punishments.

Story requests: are a great way of finding those erotic triggers
in a sub or a Mistress even. My Mistress would set a theme or
ask me to just tell a BDSM story. This also helped in play
scenes she knew how far to take things and knew what turned
me on. A topic can be listed as a starting point or an item or
just a topic the sub chooses.

Caming: a trust thing again. I found this an imposing tool for
my Mistress as she could request access at any time and begin
her demands. Highly erotic and spontaneous. This was
particularly hard in the beginning as she restricted my own
pleasure and was able to see if I was sticking to this by my
body's reactions or lack of. If I was good for a week or so I
would be visibly arroused. If I had been naughty she would
see the lack of reaction and I would be ordered to serve
punishment. This took a bit of monitoring in the beginning as
my Mistress checked in every day for a few weeks and took
particular note of my reactions on cam.

Toys: when in doubt think of a toy - there are so many out
there at varying prices to make things interesting: vibes, rings,
underwear, leather straps etc. My Mistress every now and
then requests a new toy. So far this has ranged from a dog
collar to a vibe and on a couple of occasions, body paint.

Thats all I can think of for the moment - I will post more as
other ideas come back to me. and please ask if you have any
questions. I'll check in from time to time.

New punishment ideas? - for long distance domination
Authored by: MistressZaftig on August 23, 2012

this is a pretty exclusive thing , so use this only if your sub is
serious, youre sub needs a surrogate, a rope is perfect, not
real long, but something he can carry all the time, let him pick
it out, but make him take pictures
the rope can start any length , but it needs to be cut to a
pocket size, rope, as long as his cock , and one hand width ,
this should be about a foot or so long .

perfect for tying around his junk, or tied at his wrist, wrapped
around his cock as you allow him to hand *censored* himself, ( I dont
allow the term masturbate, because it implies personal
pleasure, not something he does for/with me)

just a tip, hope this helps

Blessed are the meek who wipes my juices from his chin

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