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How to Be a Dominatrix - Embracing Your Inner Bitch    
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 October 24, 2014

Scene: Role Play - Yes My Queen!
Scenes to PlayMy slave-J and I are big movie fanatics, and we both enjoy a little role playing from time to time...well...I enjoy it. And J just does it because I tell him to. Anyway - we're bringing you some movie inspired role-playing suggestions, and giving you the tools you need to make your pet squirm! Whether you want to be the queen, the business woman, the teacher, or the lusty concubine I think you'll find something in these scenes to spark your imagination, and make having your way with your plaything even more exciting!

This Scene -- A Spartan warrior needs his Queen's permission to send his troops into battle.

Prologue: This is a great scene to pull off outdoors, if you have a good place to do it. Otherwise, a dimly lit bedroom with lots of candles or a bathroom with a full tub of water and some candles. The mood you are going for is privacy. Secrecy. You are meeting with this warrior by night, and he is coming at your request.

Music: This scene is inspired by the movie "300", which has a great soundtrack. You want something earthy here. There is a CD called "Eternal" by Carmen Rizzo and Huun Huur Tu that has the perfect, mellow feel for this sort of scene. The music should be quiet and ambient.

Restraints: Pure, unbridled will power. Your sub will not be restrained, but because you are the queen - and you ARE the queen - he must learn to control himself. Any attempts to touch you without your permission should be "rewarded" with a prompt punishment and a stern warning.

Costumes: Since we're doing role playing, we might as well do some dress up for this scene. You could always buy a costume. A "Warrior Goddess " costume is perfect. Something along the lines of a Charmeuse Long Gown or Chemise & Robe Set would work as well. The bottom line is, Whatever makes you feel like a queen: put that on.

Your pet's role is that of a warrior. He should be wearing very little. A Spartan Warrior costume, or a Highlander Leather Kilt is perfect, especially if you pair it with something like a Leather Buckled Harness. A simple pair of black boxer briefs does the trick just as well. Again this is your scene. Make it yours.

Accessories: You will need a note, informing your pet that his audience with the queen has been granted, and stating the location (The Queen's Bed Chamber, The Royal Bath House, The Courtyard,etc.) This is going to be a very physical scene, and as such, you may want to refrain from over complicating it with a lot of toys. Maybe a spanker or flog, and have some restraints handy ("Handy." Get it?)in case your Spartan has a hard time keeping his hands off his queen.

Action: This scene is about getting what you want from your pet. Making him touch you the way you want to be touched, and no other way.

Your note should read something like this: "I will grant you an audience this evening in my chambers at the Royal Bath House. You should know that I am unwilling to send our troops into battle, and there is little you can do to persuade me. See that no one knows you have entered. Have your arguments ready, Spartan. I am not easily moved in this decision. Mistress Blaze ~ Queen of Sparta." Adjust this according to your imagination, but make sure that he knows that there is a confrontation coming.

When he arrives, he should kneel. If he doesn't, suggest that he should, and warn him that your favor is the only way to get what he wants. Interrogate him. No one has followed him. He told no one where he was going. He needs to call you "My Queen". You will refer to him only as "Spartan". You are in control.

Ask him why he has come. You know the scene better than he does at this point, so you may need to lead him on with statements like, "You want to lead our armies against the Persians, but I will not allow this. I see no need. What will you offer me to win my favor?" You are the Queen of Sparta. You can have any one of a thousand warriors, scholars or politicians. Laugh at him. He doesn't have anything to offer you. He is your servant. Remind him of his position. He has taken it upon himself to sneak into your private chambers in the middle of the night, and there are are 20 guards at your command who would cut him down where he stood.

Allow him to rise and inspect him. He is a Spartan warrior after all. Touch him. Feel him up. Remind him that you are his queen. Make him say it as you increase the intensity of your groping. He is your plaything. You have what he wants, and he must obey in order to get it. Undress for him, showing off your girly bits as you do. Inform him that if he touches you you will have him arrested and killed on the spot. Make him undress and continue to tease him in whatever way you like. Just don't let him touch you yet. This would be a great time to spring something new on him: Touch him in an unexpected place. Spank him if you want. Pinch his nipples. One thing I like to do is make him stick out one knee for me to grind myself on. Again...he is not to touch you. Slap his hand - or more sensitive parts - if he tries.

When he is thoroughly frustrated, allow him to go down on you. If he isn't doing it right, say so. If you want him to put fingers inside of you, make him. Tell him what to do. (This is also a great way to let him know what you want when you're NOT role playing.) Just keep reminding him that you are in charge. If you are in the mood for some sex then this is the time. The main thing to keep reminding him of is that he cannot, and will not, "send his troops into battle" until you say so. He is pleasuring you. Not the other way around.

Once you have had enough inform him that he is free to go....yep. That's it. Begin getting dressed and tell him that he may finish the job himself if he likes. His performance and self restraint have been admirable, but you are the Queen of Sparta, after all, and you are not easily moved to send troops into battle. At this point he may protest, but it's your choice.

This is where your own imagination and your pet's willingness to play along come into their true light. He may finish himself off as you suggested, at which point you should tell him that Spartan men should have more self control, and that you would never allow your soldiers to follow such a weakling. He also may take over the scene and take what he wants from you. If you allow him to do this - instead of fighting him off and calling for the guards - then you should tell him that the Spartan soldiers are obviously in capable hands, and that he may lead them out at first light.

How ever you choose to end the scene, you will find that your pet will likely be ready, willing and able for the next one.

Stay tuned for these movie inspired Role Playing scenes coming soon:

Movie Inspired Scene 2 - Wanted: A male office assistant with excellent oral skills, a strong desire to please and a willingness to perform under extreme conditions. Only motivated self starters need apply.

Movie Inspired Scene 3 - At the School For Magical Learning a 7th year student gets some much needed extra credit from his Potions teacher.

Movie Inspired Scene 4 - After winning in the arena, a Gladiator finds himself facing another formidable opponent...The Emperor's favorite concubine.

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think.


Still need help?  Try the Mistress Manual or Rock His World with a Leather Outfit

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Scene: Role Play - Yes My Queen!
Authored by: MistressZizi on September 13, 2009


#1 I love that movie
#2 Spartans are so damn sexy, turns me soo on
#3 Spartan outfits are soo cute and degrading!

Great Role Play!

Scene: Role Play - Yes My Queen!
Authored by: BBGSDOM on September 13, 2009

I agree there are MANY films and even music videos which could offer suitable inspiration for Slave servitude scenarios. My own SUb and I will be exploring our fav film fantasies and how to bring them to life with the necessary punishment for any straying from script by my Sub. He is sure to enjoy acting out such scenarios so thanks for the inspiration!!

Scene: Role Play - Yes My Queen!
Authored by: MuffinMan on October 21, 2009

New story link needed, Ma'am. If there is one, I can't find it.

I'm going home to my Mistress. She has new toys and educational DVDs I sent her. I am excited and wish to please. (I work nearly 400 miles away and only get home once a month.)

She is reluctant to chastise and I'm positive I'd deserving. How best to let her know I desire her stern her ministrations?

Please advise, Ma'am.

Scene: Role Play - Yes My Queen!
Authored by: PrincessK on October 15, 2010

Mistress Blaze,

My husband and I are beginners do the d/s world. I'm in love with
the idea of dominating him and making him do as I please. I have
planned on our first scene, Training Day, here soon. I want to try
the Queen scene soon too but do you think its too early for a
scene like this when my pet isn't properly trained?

~Princess K

Scene: Role Play - Yes My Queen!
Authored by: Lalia on July 07, 2014

I love this idea. :)

Mistress Lalia

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