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 October 25, 2014

A Good Way To Polish Vinyl Boots?
Reader Q & AHi. I'd like to make my slave polish my boots, I think it'd be good for him to learn his place again (he's been stepping out of line). Not to mention it'll make it far easier on me. However, I'm not really sure what I should have him use to polish my vinyl boots. Any ideas? Thanks!
~Mistress Draga


Normally vinyl boots don't need to be "polished", but if you want to have your sub do it for your amusement, and the boots are otherwise fairly clean, I would recommend a very soft cloth such as tshirt material or ultrasuede. If it's cut into long strips, it can be held at each end and used in a back and forth motion to polish the boots.

If they are dirty, the best way to clean them is to use the vinyl cleaners sold in furniture stores or auto stores. You can also consider a vinyl protective finish, sold at same stores, which helps protect your vinyl and resists or retards absorption of water or stains. Not having these items though, I would recommend a non-abrasive dish soap on a soft cloth to wipe them clean, followed by plain water to remove any residue from the soap.

This can be even done while you are wearing your lovely boots to add to the ambiance, not to mention your view (if you have him dressed to please you).


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A Good Way To Polish Vinyl Boots?
Authored by: Webmistress on September 09, 2009

Maybe he should lick the boots!

A Good Way To Polish Vinyl Boots?
Authored by: BBGSDOM on September 09, 2009

My Sub will be cuffed and blindfolded but he will STILL be able and expected to rub my stocking clad legs and lick my heels after I have ensure his cock and balls are behaving accordingly just before I begin whipping him again. Part of his chores are to shine my skirt and boots- just get him to lick them and rub them with cloth if he misbehaves my SUb will repeat the exercise until he steps up the mark!! They need to worship the footwear as much as they worship their Doms!! Don't be soft but let him show his worthiness to serve you my fellow Dom.

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